Divorce Documents Confirm Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida Are Officially Divorced!

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It was a case of he said/she said when Apollo Nida filed a petition for divorce last week so that he could marry his new fiancée, Sherien Almufti. I mean, he made it official with that paper ring and everything! But hold up. According to Phaedra Parks, she and Apollo have been divorced for months now. So who’s telling the truth?

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Well, the court documents obtained by TMZ were unsealed on Monday and it turns out that Apollo is a big fat fibber (huge surprise, right?) because Phaedra served him with divorce papers back in March. Apollo was so busy chatting up strange women and working on his biceps that he couldn’t respond immediately and asked the judge for some time. The judge granted him four months to respond.

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When Apollo didn’t file a response in the allotted time, the judge signed off without Apollo’s signature. Phaedra has been single as of July 2016.

The documents also revealed a parenting plan which gives Phaedra physical custody of the children as Apollo serves out the rest of his eight year sentence. Once he’s sprung from the clink, he’ll have visitation with Ayden and Dylan, but the final say on all decisions rests with Phaedra.

Apollo claimed to have no knowledge of the divorce. So, what’s his angle? Is he simply trying to stay relevant while behind bars? What’s your take?


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