Amber & Jim’s Struggles With “Trust” Erupt On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ [VIDEO]

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Is Amber Marchese lying or is everyone on Marriage Boot Camp misinterpreting what she’s saying?

Amber and Jim Marchese have said MBC saved their marriage, but it certainly hasn’t been any easy journey for the reality couple. In a recent clip, as Amber sits at the kitchen table, discussing the concept of having a “hall pass” in her marriage, her costars call her out for continually “changing her story.”

After their last group session Amber says she “doesn’t trust the process.” Jim is not in the room just yet, but the question asked by Jim during that session was if Amber ever thinks about stepping out him. Amber admits that if there were no consequences maybe she would.

“In my opinion,” Karen Gravano said in the confessional, “Amber will say something and she’ll believe it to be truth in her mind or she’ll say it, and the next thing you know she’s changing her story.”

Her partner Storm added, “And when you tell her she’s changing her story, she’ll say she’s not changing her story. Gravano and Storm both call Amber a liar.

And this is when Jim steps in the kitchen and Amber explains to everyone that he knows where she is literally 24/7 and she knows where he is 24/7.

“We have video cameras,” Amber explained. “He knows when I’m home. He has GPS. He knows everything about me.”

When the costars start saying they wouldn’t want their partner knowing their whereabouts 24/7, Jim prompts Amber to the door. The two leave the critique session and head outside.

Watch the sneak peek above and tell us what you think. Is Amber lying or just clueless that their marriage isn’t what she thinks it is?


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