‘RHOBH’ Recap: Lisa Rinna & Eileen Davidson Expect Lisa Vanderpump To Forget Their Bitter Feud & Move On

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The ladies from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back for yet another go-round — and it’s a new day in the 90210. The Lyme downer is gone — but have the Season 6 scars healed?

The premiere opens in Kyle’s closet, starting the show with a jaw-dropping shocker. Kyle Richards has actually trimmed her hair. After we catch our breaths, we sit in on Kyle and Lisa chatting about a get-together planned for that night, at Pump. Viewers will get their first peek at the new girl, Dorit Kemsley, and her husband, PK. Kyle gushes a healthy dose of groupie-love for Dorit’s sidekick, Boy George, before we jump over to the Girardi museum.

Erika is turning 45, and her grandhusband is grander than ever. Tom comes through with with a pricey piece of art for her birthday, along with a chunky addition to her panther jewelry collection.

We skip over to Pump, where we catch up with Queen Lisa and her side lover, a new pup named Harrison. Ken is also there, and the couple welcomes Dorit and PK. The duo seems fun, and we learn that PK is a talent manager, who manages Boy George. BG lives with PK and D, and Dorit adores both her men. Kyle and Mauricio make their entrance, and the group gets to know the new couple. Erika’s birthday party is the first group bash of the new season, and everyone is excited. Last season’s Dubai trip is brought up, and Kyle downplays the fact that Lisa traveled halfway around the world to be dragged through Rinna-sludge. The show flashes back to the beat-down, but Kyle brushes off the upset like a fence-riding pro.

We catch up with Lisa Rinna, who is squealing over a fancy new sports car, gifted to her by Hubby Hamlin. Thankfully, Bravo shifts us away from the gauche spectacle, as Rinna reveals that her father had passed away. She launches into her thoughts about last season, labeling the landscape  “negative.” Rinna just hopes for joy and world peace, because she now believes that life is too short for her shady sellout routine. Rinna is a stressed-out mom, so she is campaigning for a free pass. “Owning it” was so last season!

We catch up with Eileen Davidson, right where we left her — drooling all over Erika Jayne. Eileen agrees with Rinna — trashing Lisa is less important than losing a loved one. Kyle joins the duo, and reveals that her scripted show about her crazy, evil mother is on track. The gals banter about the double Lisa drama, and Kyle smirks out her forgiveness forecast. Kyle runs through the now passe Season 6 vocabulary, a monologue triggered by Eileen’s first mini Vander-rant of the season.

We then get our first peek at Dorit’s home, and meet her colorful crew. Dorit shares that they have to beat celebrities off with a stick, so Beverly Hills is a perfect spot to swing it. The couple has two sweet babies, Jagger, 2, and 4-month-old, Phoenix. Dorit introduces us to her staff of nannies and housekeepers, while we get a closeup of her eyelids being shellacked with glitter. Boy George has apparently landed himself a “friend” role, as Dorit’s gay, live-in husband. BG is a part-time diva, but is silly, fun and an excellent third for a good TV-snuggle. Can’t wait to see that one.

We hop over to party central, Erika’s Studio 54 disco bash. Erika’s glam squad is out in full force, and the party looks like a good time. Dorit and PK stop to ride over with Ken and Lisa, and everyone is decked out in their glitzy 80’s wear. Eileen and Rinna travel to the party together, sharing their favorite Studio 54 memories. Rinna’s getup is ridiculous, and Eileen is rockin’ her everyday 80’s fashion. We learn that Rinna’s daughter is a budding model — a journey that Rinna describes as evolving “organically” — aka following months of hawking selfies on Instagram. Back at Lisa’s, the group learns that Kyle is a legit Studio 54 veteran, first hitting the hotspot at the age of 10 — encouraged by her “rule breaker” of a mother.

Back at the party, Erika makes her entrance, appropriately strutting and swinging her extensions to the Erika Jayne beat. The other couples arrive, and the setting is a poly blast from the past. Bravo gives us plenty of gyrating butt closeups, as the party takes off. Eileen gifts Erika with a guest spot on The Young and the Restless, and Erika is thrilled. Eileen laughingly hopes that Erika chooses to play a nun, but Rinna, not surprisingly, just loves a violent bitch. Erika hopes not to blow it, so as to not let down her soapy namesake, Erica Kane.

Erika and Dorit exchange greetings, as Eileen and Rinna huddle and swap nervous banter about their Season 7 reentry. Rinna keeps her comments vague — either she was wrong, or she was wronged — whatever she can hustle. 

Lisa and Rinna meet face-to-face for the first time since the reunion, and the tension is real. Lisa introduces Rinna to Dorit with one eyebrow raised—starting off the scene with a nice hint of pink shade. Rinna tries out a little small talk — but the effort is a clunker, just like her wig. Rinna sarcastically snarks to the camera “game on” — but Lisa is obviously not letting her off the hook for the reunion slam. Rinna seems concerned, but Lisa’s smile never fades. Lisa and Eileen exchange a frosty greeting, while Eileen admits that she is struggling with their dicey relationship. Perhaps another dozen apologies will do the trick.

Lisa spills to Dorit that Eileen is an icy hag, but vows to bravely face another round in the Bravo bitch-ring. Meanwhile, Mauricio and Tom bond over their fat wallets, as Rinna kisses up to the birthday girl. PK and Erika get acquainted, and Erika’s night is made, when she hears that the now  wildly relevant B-George, is a fan. Tom surprises Erika with a visit from her mom, and it’s a sweet surprise. Eileen snarks about Lisa’s icy greeting — blaming it on Lisa’s possessiveness of the new girl on the Bravo block. Dorit wonders what the deal is between Lisa and Eileen.  Eileen seems so sweet and nice — and newbies are so naive.

The party ends with cake and a song — but no food. The guests are starved, but the bash was creative, and stayed on point with the skinny druggie theme. Lisa steals the last moments from the birthday girl, when she announces that she is coming BACK and stronger than ever.

Next week, it’s another party, another apology, and some diamond studded shade from the Lisa V. — don’t miss it!


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