Lisa Vanderpump Puts Her Foot Down & Says Eileen Davidson Nor Lisa Rinna Could Run Her Off ‘RHOBH’

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On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw Lisa Vanderpump grappling with last year’s aftermath. Getting called out constantly by Eileen Davidson and hearing Lisa Rinna call her manipulative over and over wore LVP down. But she explains why she came back this season and why she’s stronger than ever.

“I feel the need to explain the dichotomy that I managed to reconcile after the battering I received last year. It was a decision that was certainly influenced by the fact that my friend Dorit, who will be introduced tonight, was on board…”

And let’s be fair — last season wasn’t the only time the other women tried (and failed) to take Lisa Vanderpump down. It’s happened year after year. Last season was possibly the worst, and of course LVP didn’t receive any support from good friend, Kyle Richards. She never does.

“Time is the best healer…but when Kyle states once again that I hold a grudge, it seems that maybe she has little understanding of the experience last year. I believe when somebody shows you who they are and viciously attacks you, relentlessly, you have good reason to remember… That is not “holding a grudge,” it is protecting yourself…”

I don’t remember seeing LVP as wary entering the fray again as she was last night. She couldn’t keep from getting a few digs in at Lisa Rinna’s expense, but she was cool to the point of icy as she greeted Rinna and Eileen.

“I knew meeting the other ladies again was potentially an uneasy experience, but many months had passed and Kyle, Dorit and I were going together, and I mustered up the courage to rejoin the group.”

Lisa decided not to color Dorit’s experience with the group. Dorit could make up her own mind about Soapy and Sudsy.

Dorit was blissfully unaware of what had transpired last season, but she knew there were residual feelings and badgered me to explain the complicated scenario that had played out last year. I was resolute, so as not to be accused of “manipulation,” and so she could garner her own understanding and judge the women from her own experience…”

But as Dorit took to the dance floor with the other women, LVP held back. Dorit’s husband persuaded Lisa to join the others.

“I had no alternative but join the group. I briefly engaged Rinna, who I believe not to be “manipulable” as Kyle alleges.”

I believe that comment struck a chord with LVP. Andy mentioned on Watch What Happens Live that Lisa was very upset with Kyle the night of the premiere party over that jibe.

“So as we danced to 80s music, I felt a sense of relief — almost cathartic — as I realized the only power people can exert over you is the power that you choose to give them. Screw it, I was back and nobody, including Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna or Erika Jane Girardi was taking that from me.”

I’m glad LVP got her groove back. The women will come for her again, no question. But I’m glad to see Lisa will hold her own and not let the likes of Eileen Davidson bring her down.

That’s my take. What’s yours?


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