Kyle Richard’s Dishes On Her ‘Leverage Friendship’ with Lisa Vanderpump; Caroline Stanbury Dishes On Drama with Sophie!

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Tuesday night on Watch What Happens Live, Kyle Richards of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Caroline Stanbury, star of Ladies of London, joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse.

Kyle won the shady boot moment of the night by saying Lisa Rinna was easy for Lisa Vanderpump to manipulate. Meow! LVP wasn’t happy with that comment at the premiere party. Kyle said:

“We had a great season together, and all the sudden she wasn’t happy about that comment. I was like, I didn’t know that was a big deal…but we’re good.”

Andy had a slightly different take on what happened that night between Kyle and Lisa.

“There was major drama at the premiere party. And it was kind of awesome.”

Next, he played a clip of Dorit Kemsley, the newest Beverly Hills Housewife, and her unusual accent. Caroline talked about Americans going abroad and picking up a faux English accent. 

“I know English who do the same. My kids, actually, as well. They hear one American and they come back with the accent. They love it. Juliet does it. She definitely has a twang when she’s with us…lots of people do it. They slide in and out depending on who they’re with.”

Kyle is finally in a good place with her sister Kim. She gave Andy an update.

Kim is great… Kathy and Kim both became grandmas this year.”

On the subject of Faye Resnick, Kyle said:

“She’s fantastic and very happy that she wasn’t on the show this season.”

That makes two of us, Faye!

Across the pond, Caroline and her sister-in-law, Sophie, are having issues. Not only is Sophie divorcing Caroline’s brother, she’s sided against Caroline. Caroline can’t stand Julie Montagu, and Sophie is good friends with Jules. The sisters-in-law still haven’t kissed and made up. Caroline commented:

“The Stanbury sisters are broken. It was a shock to me, because of all the people, I didn’t see that coming. I think when you fight with other girls on the show and you don’t really care…I never, ever saw that coming. I never would have gone there, but she did.”

We caught a sneak peek of RHOBH. Lisa Vanderpump gave Eileen Davidson a fakeout apology. Then when Eileen said she thought Lisa would apologize for quizzing her in the Hamptons last season, Lisa scoffed. She would never offer up another apology to the likes of Eileen. Good for you, Pinky!

Caroline has been living in Dubai for four months now. She’s staying quiet on whether she’ll be back for another season of Ladies of London. Because summers are so hot in Dubai:

“I’ve taken a house in Ibiza for a month and LA for another month.”

The sneak peek of Ladies of London showed a weekend from hell at Mapperton. Caroline Stanbury turned up her nose at fishing and then proclaimed she doesn’t care if she was being rude. Adela King called her old friend out for acting so entitled. That didn’t go over well, needless to say.

Meanwhile, Kyle has managed to put aside her differences with Lisa Rinna, even though Lisa never stops talking trash about Kim Richards.

“You know, they don’t get along. In this environment, it’s kind of difficult. She apologized to me profusely. And I know she says things that she regrets, and she’s, at the end of the day, a good person. I try to move on.”

Annabelle Neilson isn’t on Ladies of London this season, sadly. She and Caroline are no longer friends. “We don’t have a relationship at all.”

Erika Girardi once described Kyle’s relationship with LVP as a leveraged relationship. Kyle didn’t agree.

“I think it’s hard for people. They watch the show, then they come and join the show… Lisa and I have navigated through this show for seven years together. So, I think it’s probably complicated for people to understand, but you know, we really do love each other. At this point, we’ve already hurt each other… We literally are like sisters who fight and love each other.”

Caroline believed the other ladies were staging a coup and turning on her this season, and compared herself to Lisa Vanderpump.

“I feel like Lisa Vanderpump—what was it, two years ago?—I’m definitely on the chopping block. I’m on an island by myself, but I’m actually kind of okay there.”

So, did you enjoy the first outing of RHOBH? What about the new girl, Dorit and her ambiguous accent? And how are you liking Ladies of London? There’s much less Juliet this season, and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Thoughts?


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