Kandi Burruss EXPOSED For Engineering Deadbeat Daddy Storyline To Stay Relevant On ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

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Kandi Burruss had better get her storyline straight!

Recently The Real Housewives of Atlanta star claimed she didn’t know her dead-beat baby-daddy Russell “Block” Spencer was going to be part of the show this season. But Block’s ex-wife is singing a different tune. She told Radar that Block is on the show to make Kandi “relevant” and that Kandi put “the thing together.”

“Block’s on the show because she doesn’t have a storyline,” the ex-wife, who asked to keep her name private, said about Kandi. “She plays the sympathy role. She knows how to put her tears on!”

When it comes to waterworks, Kandi is the best, but the ex-wife claimed Block “didn’t get a check” to appear on the hit Bravo reality show.

“There are kids involved,” the ex said, of Kandi’s alleged plan. “She put this whole thing together for a storyline.”

Two weeks ago Kandi appeared on the Wendy Williams and claimed she didn’t know Block was going to be on the show. Wendy explained she knew about Block, but didn’t realize he would be on the show. Kandi replied, “I didn’t either.”

Kandi continued, “They [Bravo] do this thing now where they surprise you, like you don’t know what’s coming, and so, you know, I thought we were having a little meeting on camera and in walks his [Block’s] girlfriend and I’m like whaaatt?”

So is Kandi the culprit or the victim? This season, Kandi is distressed about the sudden appearance of Riley’s father and his under involvement in her life. Last week on RHOA, Block told Kandi he wasn’t going to “chase” them.

Tells us what you think. Was Block’s appearance manufactured by Bravo producers or Kandi and Co?


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