Blind Item: Reality Mom Chose Fame Over Her Kid

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

This reality mom claims that a divorce crucified her family — but secretly knows that she is to blame.

The ex-wife testifies that she loves her babies — but her own signature reveals the truth. Legal documents spelled out an ultimatum — and the ex-wife had to choose between a priceless blessing and a reality career. Fame came in first, so the woman crossed out her own flesh and blood.

The ex-husband could publicly nail her for her sin, but chooses to keep the peace.

The star forgives herself with distractions and soulful tears — but the pain she has caused others cuts deep.

The wife’s weighty choice has been legally etched in stone — her better reflection sacrificed for TV fame.  

Name the reality show and reality couple.

Reality Show:

Reality Couple:


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