Matt Jordan Flips! Kenya Moore’s Ex Begs The ‘RHOA’ Star To ‘Please Stop Lying!’

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Kenya Moore filming rhoa season 9

Matt Jordan is fighting back against the way he’s been portrayed on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In the court of Instagram, Matt presents his case.

First of all, he’s not happy being portrayed as a violent man, saying:

“Please stop lying!!! The whole abusive boyfriend thing I’ll let it play out even though I was totally against the whole idea in the first place.”

But what kind of man goes on a television show knowing his reputation will be in tatters, that he’ll be labeled “aggressive” or “violent?” And furthermore, the sneak peek we saw of next week’s episode shows Matt kicking in Kenya’s glass garage door, shattering the panel. Isn’t that behavior consistent with an aggressive reputation?

Matt also takes Kenya to task about his jealousy issues. Kenya told Cynthia Bailey they got in a huge fight when Matt saw Kenya’s Throwback Thursday picture of Jay Z from years ago. Matt denies it.

“I never once mentioned any of this stuff in the photo. When you tried to show it to me I didn’t even know it was you……. And you were horribly offended and started shouting and alluding to relationships you had with some of frankly I just don’t care……..”

He goes on to reassure his followers that he’s not jealous. At all!

“I won’t be made out to be jealous or insecure that’s never been a part of my makeup or my character.”

Kenya said once Matt saw the #TBT photo, he started kicking walls and knocking things over. But Instagram Matt is telling a different story.

“…sweetie you are 45 years old and single, I want to be with you. I was proud of my queen all of the are African American Icon and legends especially to a brother that was 10 years old the most of this was filmed…”

Oh, Matt. You did not just take it there. I thought Kenya’s age didn’t matter? That’s hitting below the belt. Poorly done, sir! No woman likes to be reminded of her age. Especially on Instagram!

Matt goes on to say that none of the men Kenya met in the past wanted her. And if she still wants them, all she has to do is reach out to their publicists. In fact, he wishes she had gotten married to one of these men.

“If you want the attention of any of those Brothers in the photo then contact their publicist. All respect intended I wish one of them would have married you so it wouldn’t be another heartbroken sister out here.”

Oh, Matt. That faux concern is so touching. And I’m not believing a minute of it. But here’s where it gets into he said/she said territory. Matt claims that Kenya planned his birthday party knowing he wouldn’t be in town.

“Tell the truth about the fake birthday you planned purposely a day before YOU booked me the flight back to ATL, So it would look like I just didn’t show up… SHAME ON YOU.”

Was the storyline just an elaborate attempt to make Matt look bad in the eyes of the viewers? I have trouble with that, considering how much Kenya wants to portray herself in a healthy relationship on RHOA.

Then Matt wraps it up with well wishes and another plea for Kenya to stop lying. But were the police not called on a domestic dispute? Did he not throw her suitcase out of the car and leave her clothes strewn across the driveway? Didn’t they break up because of his bad temper?

“I wish you well I really hope you get what you desire…. You had a brother that loved you.I’m trying my hardest to be mature. But please don’t lie on me.”

Matt Jordan bizarre IG post

I’m finding holes in Matt’s story. What about you? Do you believe he was merely a victim of bad editing or was he a victim of his own poor choices?


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