Lisa Vanderpump Confirms ‘Other Reasons’ Led To Scheana & Mike Shay’s Marriage Downfall

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Lisa Vanderpump Confirms 'Other Reasons' Led To Scheana & Mike Shay

Vanderpump Rules’ star, Scheana Shay, and her husband Mike have announced their divorce after only two years of marriage. While Shay had a dependency on prescription pain pills, Scheana wasn’t very supportive of his sobriety. Last season, she mentioned several times that she didn’t want him to stop drinking. In fact, she encouraged him, but she wanted him to use moderation. But addicts can’t control themselves, and Scheana never seemed to understand that fact.

Before the VPR season premiere, Scheana declared that Shay had been missing for days and feared he’d fallen off the wagon. However, Mike and his bandmate, Nicole Arbour claim he was on tour, and that Scheana was simply angling for a little pre-show publicity.

Now that their split is official, other cast members are weighing in. Lisa Vanderpump, who has the thankless job of herding the SUR crew told RadarOnline:

“Well, you’re going to see some of what went wrong on the end of the season.”

Nevertheless, LVP supports Scheana all the way, calling her a “great girl” and expressed how “disheartening” it’s been to see the “fairytale come to an end.”

But Lisa isn’t the only castmate chiming in. Recently, Kristen Doute appeared on Maria Menounos’ show on SiriusXM and spilled a little tea, stating the marriage started deteriorating as VPR was filming. Scheana agreed to let the cameras into her troubled relationship.

“It wasn’t going to, but she agreed to. Because it kind of just all started happening in the last few months… they’ve taped some stuff.”

Apparently, the pair have been in trouble for a while. Kristen hinted that things had been building between the couple.

“Obviously there are other things that will come out on this season that were reasons as to why. She definitely had some other reasons and things that have happened between the two of them.”

While Shay’s bandmate, Nicole, places the blame on Scheana, Kristen takes her friend’s side in the split. Kristen cryptically downplays talk of cheating.

“This isn’t like a dirty situation they’re like fighting about. He probably knew what he’d done that created this.”

It must be hard for Scheana, going through a turbulent time in her marriage while Katie Maloney is planning her wedding to Tom Schwartz.

So, what do you think? Was Scheana too much of a diva or did Mike’s addiction cause the rift?


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