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‘Below Deck’ Guest Leaks Raunchy Photos Of Kelley & Kyle!

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Below Deck star, Kyle Dixon, likes to wave his freak flag – even if Bravo won’t fly it. During this season, crewmember Dixon not only dated a transgender women on the show, he is now revealing he also dressed up in drag twice, though Bravo didn’t air it.

“I actually did drag on the show twice and they didn’t show it,” Dixon told RadarOnline. “I dressed up for the psychics.”

A guest from that week’s charter on the Valor snapped a pic and posted it – with images of a stripping Kelley Johnson!

Dixon insisted that his crewmates “had not a clue at all” that he had done drag in the past and this wasn’t staged by him or the show because the guests put on the drag show.

“It was a complete coincidence,” Dixon said. “No creative editing. It just happened. It just went. From what I know, [the guests] book months before we are [cast] anyway, so it couldn’t have been edited.”

“The show is real as f**k,” he explained. “It just happens on its own. It really does. But, sometimes you have to make a show.”

So how do you “make a show?”

“I just did me,” Dixon said of his boat behavior. “I’m the only person they couldn’t edit because I need subtitles.”


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