Amber Portwood EXPLODES During ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion and Rants Against MTV

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The Teen Mom OG reunion exploded Monday night, when Amber Portwood stormed the stage, screaming and raging against Farrah Abraham.

Farrah and on-and-off boyfriend, Simon Saran, were discussing a social media jab at Amber’s 20+ year old boyfriend, Matt Baier, when Amber lost it. She stormed onto the set, charging towards Farrah, in an out of control rage. Amber went off on Twitter during the episode, claiming that MTV editors  were pulling fast ones.

Viewers witnessed Amber swinging at Farrah, and her father coming to her aid, when MTV security failed to swiftly remove Amber from her space. Matt stomped onstage, lunged at Michael, and all hell broke loose.

On November 28th, Amber Twitter-vowed that if she didn’t approve of the edit, she would quit the show—“immediately.”

Amber’s co-stars, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell, backed Amber, flouncing out of the last segment of the taping, in a show of diva solidarity. Does that mean that all three MTV regulars will be “walking off this show immediately?” Dare we dream the impossible dream?

Amber continued her defensive rant on Twitter—justifying her and Matt’s out of control rage.

Amber had been screeching and lunging in Farrah’s face, and security was not quickly removing the obvious threat. Michael appeared to be defending his daughter, in the face of an unhinged lunatic.

Amber blasted MTV for not treating her on-camera blowup with enough respect.

Amber had already presented herself as locked and loaded during her own interview segment, which aired last week. She had blasted Farrah and Simon, appearing volatile and combative. Her attitude proved to be spot-on foreshadowing to the later violent meltdown.

Amber pointed a finger at Farrah’s father, blasting him for his behavior towards her and Matt.

Viewers witnessed Michael yelling at Amber, during her unhinged rant at his daughter. Matt charged the stage and attacked Michael—but Michael was out of line for putting his hands on his attacker’s neck?

Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry stepped into the Twitter upset—and Amber once again reiterated her upset with MTV.

Will Amber quit her meal ticket, and will her lofty diva entourage follow her out the door? Will MTV tolerate unhinged Jerry Springer-esque brawls? Teen Mom has officially gone off the rails.


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