‘RHOA’ Recap: A Bomb Threat Rattles Phaedra Parks!

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All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

We begin this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on a serious note. Another unarmed black man has been shot by police and Phaedra is on the phone with her mentor, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, discussing what they’re going to do about it. The Democratic National Convention is coming up and the two decide to organize a special meeting while there. 

Porsha stops by Phaedra’s house dressed in her poolside pageant wear and Phaedra fills her in on the DNC. Porsha is going, too. Frick and Frack Do Philly! They briefly talk about helping Phaedra get her freak back, then Phaedra shades the future First Lady by saying her speech cannot have a “Melania moment.” Also on the itinerary is a prison visit with Apollo to get her damn divorce already.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

Next up, is Kenya and she’s with wild-woman Cynthia. Chile, that hair. The girls are decorating sexy cakes and Kenya considers herself the black Martha Stewart. She’s going to make Matt a Gucci cake to go with the Gucci belt she bought him for his birthday. She’s planning a couple’s party – which is code for – you ain’t invited Cynthia. While decorating the cake, Kenya calls Kandi to invite her and further rub into Cynthia’s face that she is no longer a couple. 

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

At the park, Sheree is having a heart-to-heart with her son, Kairo. Turns out, Kairo’s been partying like a rock star and went to jail for a DUI. Sheree was fit to be tied when she got the phone call from the slammer. But here’s Kairo’s version, you see, even though he smoked a fatty, he wasn’t under the influence. And even though he was drunk, he wasn’t pulled over for that, it was for an expired tag. Sheree wants this to be a wakeup call for Kario not to give the police any reason to shoot him. Kairo says he never thought this would happen to him. Sheree points out that many mothers whose kids were killed never thought it would happen to them either. Sheree decides to get Bob involved. Spoiler alert: big mistake!


Kandi and Todd are over at the OLG restaurant, they are three months behind schedule, and burning through money. Peter stops by to offer his list of failures input and says Kandi and Todd are crazy to get into the restaurant business. After Kandi leaves, Peter tells Todd he and Cynthia have gone bust like one of his businesses. Todd wonders if he and Kandi are doing too much together and worries they could become like Peter and Cynthia. Peter tells Todd the difference is having a wife who doesn’t believe in you. Ouch!

Cynthia and Noelle are house hunting because Peter doesn’t want Cynthia to live in their house with another man. They view a six-bedroom house on the water, away from downtown, in a park-like setting that looks perfect for yoga and daily meditations. The house is more modern than Moore Manor and more chic than Chateau Sheree, but it doesn’t scream, I’m single and ready to mingle. But the house can be hers for $949,000. 

Frick and Frack are on their way to the DNC. Lookout Philly! Footage is shown of Oprah’s man Stedman speaking and scenes from the convention. Phaedra shines in her moment with the Congresswoman to discuss how to bridge the gap between African-American young men and the police. Trayvon Martin’s older brother Jahvaris Fulton explains there’s not a simple answer to solving this, but it starts with building relationships between community and police and banning semi-automatic weapons.


Bob and Sheree are having they’re sit-down with Kario about the perils of pot. Bob, sweating heavily, explains that he’s pro-pot for medicinal and therapeutic reasons. Wrong answer Bob! Sheree’s eyes nearly bug out. Bob continues his philosophy and explains there’s a difference between getting high with your homies and getting high for pain relief. In other words, don’t pass the dutchie on the left hand side, just let is pass.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

Over at Kandi’s house, she’s complaining that Todd hasn’t showered, cleaned his balls, or changed clothes in three days. Mama Joyce stops by to announce a treat for her hard working daughter and the slacker Todd. At Kandi’s side house, Mama Joyce set up some sexy spa time with plenty of lube and sex toys. How awkward and weird sweet and thoughtful Mama Joyce is for setting this up for Kandi and Todd.

While Kenya is driving around she calls Cynthia to see what’s up. Cynthia tells Kenya she’s made an offer on the lake house. Kenya one-ups her by saying Matt is mad she posted a picture for #ThrowbackThursday of her and Jay Z back in the day. Matt threw a temper tantrum like some two year-old and Kenya hopes he gets over it in time for his birthday party, otherwise no cake or belt for him.

So back in Sexyville, Kandi struts in wearing lingerie and heels and Todd likey. Kandi lies down on a table while Todd rubs ice on her and paints chocolate on her donkey booty as they discuss how they are the only couple left, except for Matt and Kenya, and since that’s about to be over, they are the last couple standing. Congrats! The trophy will be mailed. Kandi says it’s time to take it to the bedroom and hopefully the cameras don’t follow.

Kenya’s couples-date is riding four-wheelers, however the guest of honor is a no-show. Matt went to visit his sister in California. And while he’s there, he needs to build a bridge and get over himself. After the dusty ATV rides, RL tells Kenya that a lot of men don’t want to be Stedman, but then again, I’m sure a lot of men do want to be Stedman. When Todd suggests they call Matt and sing happy birthday, Kenya says thanks, but no thanks.

Phaedra is on her way to the prison when she gets a phone call. She asks her driver to pull over so she can take the call which is weird because it’s like she knows it’s important because why else do this. The call is from Phaedra’s assistant informing her they’ve just received a bomb threat back at the office. Phaedra doesn’t know what to do so she calls her mama who calms her down. She and the boys are fine. They say a prayer to keep everyone safe.


Back at the non-birthday party, Kandi gets a call from Carmen who tells her some guy showed up at Phaedra’s office with a grenade. But back with Phaedra, Apollo calls to check on her whereabouts. She’s right outside the prison about to come in and get her divorce, no matter who gets blown up.

Tune in next week when Mama Joyce throws more shade at Phaedra, and Kenya and Matt break up for reals (again).


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