Jenelle Evans Demands Full Custody of Son Kaiser! Files Custody Agreement Modification

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Jenelle Evans is demanding full custody of her son — and is asking the court to take away shared custody rights from the child’s father, Nathan Griffith.

The Teen Mom 2 star has filed a a request to modify the current custody agreement, asking a judge to award her “sole physical custody” of two-year-old Kaiser. Court documents reveal that Jenelle believes that Nathan is “unfit” to take care of their son, due to unstable mental health, drug abuse, and an unstable home environment.

“Defendant communicated to plaintiff that defendant’s mental health is not stable and that he is unable to care for the minor child,” writes Jenelle’s attorney. “Defendant communicated to plaintiff that he has plans to move out of the country in the near future.”

Jenelle’s lawyer also claims that Nathan is facing “multiple pending criminal charges.” Jenelle also accuses Nathan of substance abuse.

“Plaintiff is informed and believes that defendant has a substance-abuse issue and is unable to care for the minor child during defendant’s visitation,” the documents read.

Jenelle has has her own history with drug abuse, and was even accused of doing drugs during her pregnancy with Kaiser. Jenelle is set to deliver her third child with baby daddy #3, David Eason, in January.

The court papers blast Nathan for an unsuitable home environment, and failing to keep contact with the child.

The MTV diva claims that Nathan “does not have a suitable and healthy home environment to exercise visitation with the minor child.”

“Defendant does not regularly exercise his visitation with the minor child,” Jenelle claims, in spite of the court mediated custody agreement. Nathan had to legally battle for time with his son, after Jenelle refused to allow the toddler to see his father for months on end.

According to the docs, Nathan has been served with papers. A court mediation date is set for January 4th.

Teen Mom 2 premieres on January 2nd, on MTV. 


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