How Will ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Recover From A Battered Season 6?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres Tuesday, December 6 — with a whole new season of  drama in store for fans of the ritzy franchise. But how will the gang from Beverly clean up the battered Season 6 landscape?

A Lyme-less Reality

The whole cast of Season 6 players revolved around Yolanda Foster’s manipulative struggle with Lyme disease. Yolanda’s grubby bathrobe has now exited faux stage right—so what now? Fans are cheering that the biggest downer in 90210 history is gone—but Bravo will have to start from the ground up to get the glam party started again. 

Fan Venom for “Soapy and Sudsy”

Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson sophomore seasons ended in the two biggest crash and burns in RHOBH history. Both women backed Yolanda’s plot-hogging histrionics, and turned on fan favorite, Lisa Vanderpump—two disastrous missteps. Their status with viewers  plummeted from adored to despised, in lightening speed. Fans were crushed that their two favorites had failed, and made them pay by blasting them mercilessly on social media. Eileen boasted blocking viewers in droves, and Rinna landed in hot professional water, when she slammed fans back with personal insults, and nasty comebacks. How will these two hustle to win back viewers?

Lisa V. and Eileen—Friends Again?

Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen faked nice by the end of the season, but no  rosy apology could erase Lisa’s unthinkable nod to Eileen and her husband’s well-known affair. Eileen’s incessant whining was never satisfied, and Lisa had to pretend that she actually cared. Eileen has likely learned that bashing the queen is a losing game—but do these two have any chance of developing even a made for TV friendship?

A Solo Erika Jayne

Erika Girardi/Jayne was brought onto the franchise to play backup singer to a droning Yolanda Foster. She will now have the task of mustering her own storyline, and based on the colorless glimpses of blank personality we have seen thus far, that might be tough. Her contrived puss-patting career has been done, as has her bland relationship with her grandhusband. Will Bravo address her public nod to ditching her young son with his father, so she could pursue cocktail waitress fame and gold digging fortune in California? Erika needs interest, color and a personality—stat. Perhaps a closeted skeleton or two will do the trick.

Kim Richards Returns

Kim is expected to make another triumphant return, after being sidelined briefly by a druggie meltdown, another stint in rehab, and a loony shoplifting escapade. What Kim Richards will we see this season? Kim won’t have phony friendships with Yolanda and Brandi Glanville to hold her up—and she shares a combative history with Lisa Rinna. Kim is always a wild card, and we have yet to get through a season without raising an eyebrow at her sobriety sermons.

See how it all unfolds, by tuning into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Tuesday nights at 9 pm ET, on Bravo. 


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