Inside The Rocky History of Meri & Janelle Brown’s Broken ‘Sister Wives’ Relationship!

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Inside The Rocky History of Meri & Janelle Brown’s Broken ‘Sister Wives’ Relationship

The sister-saga continues on Sister Wives, as Meri and Janelle Brown’s contentious relationship is put back under the microscope. Check out the following key points about the duo’s dicey history.   

  • Janelle was once married to Meri Brown’s brother, Adam Barber, which made Kody her brother-in-law. 
  • Janelle met Kody while she was still married to Meri’s brother. She describes the magic moment as a “singular experience.” Did Kody’s magnetic allure trigger Janelle and Adam’s subsequent split?
  • Janelle admits that she and Kody were not in love when they got spiritually hitched. This fact made Meri more comfortable with Janelle jumping into the marriage.
  • Janelle’s entry into Kody and Meri’s coupledom was an early disaster.
  • Meri admits to “huge missteps” in how the the threesome initially handled living together. Meri also believes that Janelle struggled with the romance that she obviously enjoyed with Kody.
  • Meri made Janelle feel unwelcome during their early period of cohabitation. Janelle described Meri’s personality during that time as “demanding and overbearing,” and felt that nothing she contributed to the household met Meri’s standards. The pair had horrible fights.
  • The big kahuna—Janelle birthed Kody’s first child. Meri admits to being “harsh and aggressive,” towards Janelle, and later “devastated,” though not surprised, when Janelle became pregnant first. Meri and Kody struggled to conceive, and went on to have only one child. We all know that multiplying like inbred bunnies is the name of the polygamy game. Janelle’s success only highlighted Meri’s “failure.”
  • Meri was considered top banana in the cul-de-sac, until she was demoted—surrendering to Robyn’s needy coup. This shift put Meri and Janelle at the same level for the first time. This new dynamic, paired with a bonus nudge from TLC, seemed to encourage them to try and mend battered fences. The kiddies are growing up, and Mare has moved past coveting Janelle’s uterus.

Tonight, fans will watch Meri and Janelle struggle through a therapy session, and face the harrowing challenge of sitting in the same car at the same time. Will they pull off the impossible?

Catch Janelle and Meri’s co-cringing as Sister Wives continues, tonight at 8 pm, ET on TLC.


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