‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Mike Shay’s Friend SLAMS ‘User’ Scheana Shay

Posted on Dec 3 2016 - 8:03am by Terri L. Austin


The drama between Vanderpump Rules star, Scheana Shay and her husband, Mike, continues. The couple have officially split and are headed toward divorce after a two years of marriage. Shay’s bandmate and controversial Youtube star, Nicole Arbour, says it’s all Scheana’s fault.

Nicole is spilling tea all over the place. She told RadarOnline that when Scheana reported Mike missing, she knew he was with his band at the Reality Television Awards. It was all a stunt to promote the new season of Vanderpump Rules.

“When Scheana reported that Mike was missing, he was performing live shows and she knew where he was. He was on red carpet! Like that’s how much of a lie all of this was.”

According to Scheana, after Mike went missing, she feared for his sobriety and cut off all of his credit cards. Only days later, he cleaned out their joint bank account. But Nicole says it was all fabricated on Scheana’s part. She’s jealous of the attention he’s getting with his band.

“[The divorce] is definitely Scheana’s fault and she tried to sabotage Mike’s live show because she’s jealous that he was getting more attention than her. She needs a storyline so she made up that he’s doing drugs and drinking again, and that just wasn’t true. That’s what sparked the breakup.”

According to Mike, he’s been sober since the beginning of the year. Nicole says she’s not surprised by Scheana’s selfish attempts to get attention.

“She made up those things up to try and have an interesting storyline to get a lot of attention around the Vanderpump Rules premiere. And throwing your husband under the bus while he’s completely clean and sober and happy and working on something he’s completely proud of is disgusting.”

Nicole and Mike have been working together since June. And now it looks like she’s his mouthpiece. She says he’s doing well, and isn’t surprised by Scheana’s actions.

“He’s good. He knew that she would do this, so it’s not like anyone in his family or his friends are surprised. She used him the entire time they were dating for stories.”

Nicole thinks Shay is in a good place—without his reality star wife by his side.

Mike is amazing and is very talented and I’m very happy he can focus on things that he’s good at with people who support him now.”

Who didn’t see this coming? Did Mike sanction Nicole to talk to the press? I wonder what Scheana thinks about that?


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  • justanothermary

    Scheana has always been an attention whore. I think I believe this story.

    • Marsbars09

      I’m not surprised either.

  • I really don’t understand why some people bother to get married. I hate to put time limits on people’s marriages, but I’m not expecting Katie and Tom to make it either.

    • Harley

      I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but what Schwartzie sees in Katie is beyond me. When angered she treats him like shit. Not to mention, she’s a cold fish that doesn’t seem to even want to have sex with him. Poor Schwartz, maybe his lack of backbone allows himself to be so emasculated by a colorless, boring lump. Now that I think about it, maybe they do deserve each other ;-} but, I don’t see it lasting either.

    • RunningWithWine

      Maybe a year! She’s a nasty piece and has gotten nastier since Stassi came back into the picture!

      • italiano bambino

        I think katie is been hiding her real personality until this season.

  • Marsbars09

    I think all of the cast of VPR are users in some way. If Mike has/had substance abusee problems Shsy should have never married him. And she reporting that he was “missing” for 2 days when he was actually working is a low blow.

    • RunningWithWine

      I agree I think 90% if not 100% of the cast has some substance abuse issues!

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        It’s L.A., and these dreamers are basically garden variety struggling actors and models who sling hash and/or bar tend part time to pay their bills. They just lucked out that their employer, also an actress (back in the day) landed a gig on a reality TV show … and the rest is history. I hope they saved their coins, because this one just feels like it’s on it’s last leg. I was actually surprised it was renewed this season.

        • RunningWithWine

          Right I mean their sell by date has passed they are all in their 30s! Honestly if they want the show to continue they need to axe most of the cast and get some new younger blood! Basically get rid of everyone but the Toms and Ariana and only have them part time in an advisory way to the new younger cast!

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            I say can the entire shit show, but if it has to stay on the air (and I’m sure it’a a package deak with LVP if they want her on RHOBH) I’d be good with the two Tom’s staying on too … but only if they get an apt. together, leave SUR, and work at PUMP.

          • RunningWithWine

            Yes the two Toms at Pump! After Tom 2 and Katie split and those days are apparocahing! All the girls need to be fired they are not remotely entertaining, I still like Ariana but that’s because she is so anti clique.

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            I always kind of liked Kristin, and Stassi does the reality TV thing very well too, but I don’t even know what the hell they’re even doing on the show since they’re both now estranged from LVP.

  • warped

    I can’t wait for scheana to have one two many pumptinis and bang james Kennedy

  • Harley

    Scheana is such a control freak. She wouldn’t allow Mike’s pill addiction (I’m not condoning pill addiction), but alcohol and pot were just fine (like you can’t get addicted to those). She decided what his vices would be, for him. But of course, with the alcohol, he could only get buzzed, and not cross that slippery slope into drunkdom, which is pretty hard to do when you’re buzzed and your judgment is already impaired. That was her unrealistic expectation though. I suspect he will do better without that albatross around his neck, day in and day out. I hope so.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Never a Sheanna fan, but I’m not sure I subscribe to the “used him” story line. Like why would she choose an lazy, fat, hairy slug with substance abuse issues? Besides that, in four years we’ve heard Mr. Personality utter like 3 sentences.

    • Kissme

      Exactly and who even knew he was in a band. Did he even work?

    • Harley

      I dunno, but maybe his passivity was especially appealing to a control freak?

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Oh I get it, like Sheanna is the “top”, and her husband is the “bottom” … Hmmm, interesting theory.

    • BeckyGrey

      Because she would be married…Have a wedding and someone who adores her…feeding her ego. She was assured that he wouldn’t cheat on her therefore always on a pedestal.

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        Sounds like you have her pegged; especially the “wedding” part. Like so many ditzy chicks these days, she had to have HER DAY! … *eye roll What a waste of time and money. If I were her parents, I’d make her pay them back.

        • BeckyGrey

          I’ld give her a spanking or put her on time out! lol

          • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

            … and you KNOW she’s into that sort of thing. If memory serves, wasn’t she squealing with delight as she was being spanked in the shower by a pizza delivery man in her porn movie Femme Fatales?

          • BeckyGrey

            oh ????

  • Kissme

    It sounds like Mikes new girl is also just trying to get free press for her band :/
    I’m not a fan of scheana but what this girl is doing is pretty obvious also.

    • MidwestMiddie

      What is this girl doing besides clearing up the lies told by Mike’s nasty wife, Scheana?

  • RubyT

    he seems like a nice guy who probably loved her. she knew that, so she could easily manipulate him. i think she used him to have a big, fat, attention getting wedding. i never believed that she didn’t know eddie cibrian was married to brandi when she had an affair with him. she, quite hypocritically, recently stated on an episode, that ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’. laughed out loud at that statement. count your blessings, mike, that you didn’t have children with her, and you are free to walk, i mean run, away from her….don’t look back.

  • MidwestMiddie

    IMO, Lisa VP owes Mike a chance to clear his name on her show,Vanderpump Rules,
    and she should fire Scheana.

    • Perturbed

      Hey Midwest! ???????? Never liked Scheana because she just seems so self-centered (I can’t deal w/her fake blue contacts this yr)! Shay is probably better off without her – but he needs to find his OWN voice.

  • Amy Bee

    It was pretty obvious Scheana never had her husband’s best interests at heart. Shay was also part of that dysfunction. He probably is better off without her.

  • Bryan

    Somewhere in the Valley the sounds of a drunk laughing Blandi continue to resound in the canyons!!!!

    • italiano bambino

      Brandi is having a good laugh right now. Don’t blame her one bit for it.

      • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

        I forgot all about her banging Landfill’s husband. Da’um this trick is a piece of work isn’t she.

  • kate

    so VPR is getting to The Hills level of fake now?

    • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

      Only since this shit show started. It’s tarnishing Li$a’s image like seriously. I wish she’s give this one up.

      • Tiffany

        She can’t because the like lime light and this show gives her plenty of it. I still love her on house wives.

        • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

          I’m still a fan as well, but it’s tarnished after the passive/aggressive Li$a surfaced last season. But I will always admire her for her philanthropic endeavors for animals. People who love animals are good eggs.

          • Miss SuzyQ

            The only logic I can apply is LVP seems to see this cast like animals and she wants to “help” them.
            Of course snarky me can’t help but think the best thing LVP could do for these “animals” is spay and neuter them ASAP

  • TartLemon

    I didn’t like the way Scheana was trying to shove drinks Mike’s way when he obviously didn’t want to drink. She was degrading him for getting drunk; then for not drinking. If there’s fault in a marriage breakup, it’s BOTH parties. The relationship ran it’s course and the legal ceremony was a separate entity that needed to be dealt with.

    Sounds cynical and crass, I know, but I think too many people rush to the legality of it. Have a ceremony, vow your love, huge party to celebrate if that’s what you want, but don’t sign that paper until your positively, absolutely sure there are no other options you may consider for your life. Marriage is taken too lightly.

  • Gibney13

    Mike looks great- he’s lost a little weight and looks healthy. I can’t stand Sheana’s self-absorption- that and her fake valley-girl-Kardashianesque affected manner of speaking sets my teeth on edge. He is so much better off. I hope his band does really well and he ends up with more fame and success than Sheana.