Watch ‘Sister Wives’ Therapist Make A ‘Terrifying’ Suggestion That Rattles Janelle & Meri Brown [VIDEO]

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Janelle and Meri Brown throw side-eyes, as their therapist tries to coax them out of mutual disdain — in a preview clip of tomorrow night’s episode of Sister Wives.

Nancy approaches the idea a brief sister-trip, in hopes of building intimacy — and never has a therapist uttered a more frightening proposal.

“The thought of going away with you somewhere for a couple of days terrifies me,” Janelle shivers, while assuring Mare that she’s not really “scary.” “It’s emotionally terrifying to me to…I mean we don’t even ride in the same car when we come here. That’s way too much.”

The ladies share a giggle over their common dread, but Nancy continues to push the intimacy envelope. She suggests that the ladies take a drive and listen to a book, designed to encourage vulnerability.

“Being in a car together and listening to an audio book on vulnerability with Janelle…that’s like a lot,” Meri snickers. “That’s a lot.”

The women cave and agree to listen to the book — but only if they can be miles apart while they do so. Janelle almost rolls her eyes at the camera, but relents to the clearly horrifying task.

Catch up with the awkward relationship, as Sister Wives continues, Sunday night, at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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