EXCLUSIVE: Did Tamra Judge Cheat Her Way to Victory In Bikini Competition With The Use Of Human Growth Hormone?

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Tamra Judge is known for her pot-stirring — but should the Real Housewives of Orange County star add ‘cheater’ to her resume?

Kelly Dodd threw out a tweet on Thursday, accusing Tamra of shooting up with HGH — Human Growth Hormone.


HGH use might be an innocent dip in the Fountain of Youth for some, but the practice is a no-no for Musclemania contestants. Tamra won her age division, even scoring ‘Ms. Bikini Classic Overall’ honors, in Musclemania’s Orange County competition, last May. Musclemania clearly states under physique requirements that outside boosters are not allowed. 

“Because the Musclemania Championships are natural bodybuilding events, at least 10 competitors among the Top 5 Finalists must be drug tested by urinalysis immediately following their performance at the Finals.”

Musclemania provides a detailed list of banned substances — and at the end of the list states, “in addition to the above listed compounds, all forms of Human Growth Hormone are banned.”

We don’t know if Tamra was shooting up with HGH last spring, but if Kelly’s allegation is true, her “title” is a polluted one. Interestingly, cameras captured Tamra tearfully begging her son, Ryan Vieth, to stop taking HGH in 2014. Dr. Lester Lee — Tamra’s on-record anti-aging doctor — warned Ryan  about his HGH habit. 

‘What are you doing? Stop. You don’t need to inject your body with stuff to make yourself look better. Just be happy with who you are,” Tamra told the cameras, upset about her son.

Hypocrisy aside, one thing is for sure — fans have been sounding off about Tamra’s more masculine look.


Do you believe that HGH shots amped Tamra’s chances for Musclemania victory? Did Tamra Judge dodge yet another bullet of accountability?


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