‘Black Ink Crew’ Dutchess & Ceaser’s Break Up Over Secret Baby Turns Messy!

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'Black Ink Crew' Dutchess & Ceaser Break Up Over Secret Baby Turns Messy!

Cesar and Dutchess have called it quits and the break up drama is heating up!

The stars of VH1’s reality show, Black Ink Crew, are no longer planning to strut down the aisle.

Social media is swirling that the break up was caused by Ceaser recently having a baby by a Philly woman. Ceaser denies these rumors but feels Dutchess is using the unfounded rumor as a reason to end the relationship. He said it was an “excuse” by Dutchess so she could “do her.” Dutchess doesn’t seem to be buying Ceaser’s excuse. She posted this email of the same claims with a captioned “walking away emoji.”


Over the weekend, Sky of Black Ink Crew posted a Snapchat video with Ceaser celebrating his newfound freedom after breaking up with fiancée, Dutchess. Sky and Ted toast Ceaser as he begins his newly single life in this video below.

Then to add fuel to the fire, Dutchess was captured on video Sunday — shopping with a man who’s not Ceaser, making us all wonder if Ceaser was right about Dutchess being out for herself only.


Dutchess then commented under the post of the video seen above — she clarified that it was just a promo and she knew she was being recorded and that the man in the video is not her new boo. Ceaser then used the opportunity to clear up the fact that there are rumors that he fathered a secret baby, which led to their breakup.

Dutchess did not stop there, on Monday she did a radio interview with Power 98 — she spilled the tea that VH1 actually purchased her engagement ring not Ceaser. Oh Snap!



No VH1 wedding episode on the new season of Black Ink Crew. Bummer!


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