‘Below Deck’ Star Kyle & Transgender Girlfriend Ashley Break Up!

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That ship has sailed! Last week, Below Deck fans were introduced to deckhand Kyle Dixon’s love interest, who happens to be a transgender named Ashley. She came on board and met the Valor crew in between charters and asked Dixon if he would take care of her post gender reassignment surgery.

Flash forward to today and Radar Online is reporting the couple have gone their separate ways. In fact, they split soon after filming on the Valor wrapped. However, the questions remains, will Dixon keep his promise to take care of Ashley post gender reassignment surgery?

“We’re still on good terms of course,” Dixon said about their breakup. “I promised her I’d stick by her.”

“She’s signed off [on surgery], so I’m still gonna stick by her,” Dixon explained that Ashley will undergo the surgery through the English public healthcare system. “She’s still waiting on the surgery and has no clue when it is.”

So what’s Dixon up to now in the love-life department?

“I’m just going with the flow,” he said. “Not seeing anyone worth talking about.”

In the meantime the one-time British soldier is most likely spending time with his young daughter, partaking in extreme sports and waiting for the next charter to begin.


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