Hothead Amber Portwood Admits To Using Pain Meds At ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion After Denying On Social Media

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Amber Portwood came out swinging in the first part of the Teen Mom OG reunion.

The 26-year old immediately shaded and challenged Dr. Drew’s questions, blasted her co-star Farrah Abraham, and defended her boyfriend, the always controversial Matt Baier. Amber Portwood is “happy,” and if you don’t believe it—watch out.

Amber’s decision to undergo extensive plastic surgery, aka “a mommy makeover,” was a dicey one, considering her past struggles with addiction. During last night’s sit-down, Amber looked straight ahead and admitted that she had taken pain meds for a few days, after her surgery. Dr. Drew was quick to validate the wisdom of her decision. Amber went over the top, assuring viewers that she surprisingly “didn’t want” the pain meds when she went off of them, and that she is currently clean. Amber’s bristled admission might have seemed defensive—and many of her social media followers know why.

Amber reported her painful post-op recovery on social media and claimed that she was on NO pain meds, aside from ibuprofen. A viewer called FOUL on Amber’s changed story, and posted a screenshot of an Instagram post, where Amber denied pain meds following her surgery.

The reunion explodes next week, and previews reveal that Amber’s attitude boils over, when Farrah Abraham enters the scene. Amber threw out a threat last night, claiming that she will walk if she doesn’t approve of MTV’s edit of next week’s show.

Amber approached this reunion as a defensive hothead ready to blow. Happy? Maybe. Angry? Definitely. She verbally dragged Farrah Abraham, and gave a foreshadowing nod to the filmed brawl that goes down next week.

Amber also revealed that she had recently begun taking a new anti-psychotic drug, and addressed her latest diagnosed mental illness, Borderline personality disorder.

Did we see the “real” Amber last night? Do you believe that Amber is 100% clean and sober?


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