Twitter Explodes At Mykelti Brown’s Fiancé’s Entitled Attitude ‘Mortgage Your House’ To Pay For MY Wedding!

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RECAP: 'Sister Wives' Season 8

Mykelti Brown’s fiance, Tony Padron, lumbered onto the scene during  last night’s premiere of Sister Wives, and made quite an impression.

Tony confronted Kody with his wish to marry his daughter — and viewers sounded off, weighing in on social media. Tony had a choice piece of advice for Kody, helping him out with the overwhelming challenge of financing two back-to-back weddings.

“I really don’t know what he [Kody] means by ‘it would clobber him.’ I guess financially — but there’s a way around that. I mean you can get a loan against your house…and just pay it off,” Tony muses. “It’s called a home equity.”

Fans took to Mykelti’s latest Instagram post to blast Tony’s clueless,  entitled attitude.

“I can’t believe your ungrateful bf just suggested that your father take out a loan on his house to pay for your wedding. Unreal!”

“Hate to say it but I think he’s a gold digger! Even his reaction to a backyard wedding! He’s a bum and she can do so much better. I just wished she could see past her insecurities. She’s got a lot to offer Mr. Right.”

“And what was the comment from him about your parents getting a 2nd mortgage to pay for a wedding! LOL That big boy has a lot of growing up to do! He’s been obviously spoiled by his parents. I get a bad vibe from this kid. Sorry.”

Twitter chimed in, calling out Tony’s financial advice to his future father-in-law.

Myelti’s sister, Aspyn, tweeted during the episode, assuring viewers that all is good with the soon-to-be legal member of the Brown clan.

Reportedly, Mykelti and Tony are set to wed on December 17th — last we heard the theme was vintage Mexican.

What do you think of the latest soon-to-be hubby on the cul-de-sac?


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