‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Lisa Nicole & Darren Seek Marital Help; Simone Searches For Her Missing Father

Recap by guest blogger LisaAnnP.

Married to Medicine season 4

We begin episode four of Married to Medicine on the road to Nashville. Dr. Jackie, Quad, and Dr. Simone are off on a quest to find Simone‘s missing father, Frank. Upon arrival in East Nashville, Simone is very surprised to see all the changes the city has undergone since the last time she visited. She incorrectly refers to the transformation as “re-gen-tic-a-tion” instead of re-gentrification. Bless her heart.

Simone hired a private investigator to attempt to track down her father since no one in her family has spoken to him in a few weeks. He isn’t accessing the money in his bank account either so she is very concerned. Where could he possibly disappear? The P.I. is asking Simone a myriad of questions about her father, but Simone knows very little about him at this point in her life. They have been estranged for so long that the places he frequents, his friends, and their addresses are all things to which she’s not privy. Simone regrets not offering help the day he got out of jail, but hindsight is 20/20, so she should not blame herself. The P.I. proceeds to ask Simone all the questions that she should be investigating herself. I hope Bravo did not pay much for the services of this “detective” because a blind dog could have gathered more information than she did.

Married to Medicine season 4

Since Quad and Jackie have both lost their own fathers recently, the whole theme of the trip is cultivating some melancholy memories. The threesome are holding out hopes that Simone‘s father is just fine and will show up soon.

Back in Atlanta, Lisa Nicole and Darren are seeing their pastor, who also doubles as their “marriage counselor.” Lisa expressed her concerns regarding Darren talking out of both sides of his mouth; telling Lisa he wants to get pregnant and telling everyone else he is happy with the children he has and does not want more. Darren is a smooth operator so he cons, I mean explains, to the pastor that he “only wants a healthy wife.” The pastor sees right through it. He gives them both a homework assignment. They must think about five qualities they love about each other and five qualities they dislike about each other. Now Bravo viewers, I’m not a psychic or anything, but I’m pretty sure I can predict which list will come easier for them.

Married to Medicine season 4

Cut to the ladies in Nashville organizing their schedule(s) for the day. They are busy, worker bees and will be hanging flyers, photos, and scouring the streets with Simone’s cousin, Catricia. Simone is showing the ladies her old neighborhood and how far she has come in life. There is a vast difference between the modest homes here and both spacious homes she owns now. She never realized how little her family had when she was young. From the east side of Nashville to Hotlanta, Simone has officially made it. 

The ladies are walking up to random strangers on the street and inquiring as to the whereabouts of the elusive “Frank Baxter.” One woman they encountered claimed to know Frank very well and relayed his possible location. The ladies have gotten their first lead! Interestingly enough, he is most likely at a nearby junkyard.

Married to Medicine season 4

Back in the ATL, Heavenly is considering having a conversation with Genise about the state of their non-friendship. She is running this notion by her husband, who is steadfastly supportive as usual. Heavenly decides to meet with Genise and proceeds to write reminder notes to herself on the bathroom mirror, in order to prepare for her meeting. Why is she writing on her mirror with Sharpies? 

Across town, Toya and Dr. Eugene are talking finances. He is picking up every spare shift he possibly can at the hospital, to keep up with mounting expenses and Toya‘s out-of-control spending. Toya complains that he isn’t the “fun” or “happy” Father that he once was to Avery. The Doc tries explaining how hard he’s working. He is utterly exhausted, but, he vows to spend a whole day of quality time with Avery in the near future.

Married to Medicine season 4

Simone stops in the church to see the pastor who married her and Cecil back in 1996. She is reminiscing about her wedding and rehearsal dinner. She loves Cecil as much today as she ever did. He is still the perfect man for her. The ladies join hands and the pastor says a prayer.

Lisa and Darren meet at a restaurant to work on their couples-therapy homework. As I predicted, they are rattling off the qualities they dislike about each other. Darren claims to need more privacy. She is not very accommodating from his perspective. He loves the fact that Lisa will “never give up on him.” I bet he does. He very clearly states that they have been married for nine years and he’s been faithful for five, then quickly corrects himself and says he’s been faithful all nine years! Freudian slip, perhaps? Did anyone besides moi catch Lisa‘s body language during Darren‘s momentary slip of the tongue? She didn’t bat an eye! Now, if my husband said he was only faithful for 5 out of 9 years, I’d get whiplash from how fast I turned to correct him, unless I knew otherwise… it appears that she did. 

Married to Medicine season 4


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