Mama Joyce Goes Off on Kandi Burruss’ ‘Deadbeat’ Ex Baby Daddy Over $50K Delinquent Child Support

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Mama Joyce Goes Off on Kandi Burruss' 'Deadbeat' Ex Baby Daddy Over $50K Delinquent Child Support

Here we go again! Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers previously learned about the troubled relationship between Kandi Burruss and the father of her daughter, Russell “Block” Spencer.

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As most fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta know, Mama Joyce is never one to hold her tongue on all matters involving her daughter, Kandi. And in an all-new episode airing Sunday night, Mama Joyce launches into a heated discussion with Kandi over Block’s deadbeat ways in her granddaughter’s life — especially his delinquent child support payments! 

The 40-year-old Grammy winner rehashes the “baby daddy” drama she discussed with Spencer’s girlfriend in the studio last week — Kandi explains that Spencer had gone “years without checking in” on Riley. 

“Did you bring the cash because you know he owes pretty close to $50,000.” Mama Joyce says she would have asked Spencer’s girlfriend. “Now which one would he rather have — a lean on his house or have his driver’s license taken?”

“If I was in Kandi‘s shoes, I would have done a LLC — Lean, License, or Cash. Simple as that.” Mama Joyce says in a talking head.

Kandi explains she doesn’t want to make the issue about money but it’s the principal of the matter, yet would love to blasts her “deadbeat” during one of his live radio interviews.

Mama Joyce chimes in, detailing how she would expose Block on the radio, “HELLO, your ass don’t pay damn child support!”

Watch a preview of the intense scene above and tune into The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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