Kyle Richards Dishes On ‘RHOBH’ Season 7 Drama With Costars

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Gearing up for a new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards joined Ross Mathews and Ali Landry on Hollywood Today Live.

Turns out, Kyle and Ali have been friends for nearly a decade. Though Kyle tried to get Ali cast as a Housewife, after seeing all the drama, Ali wasn’t interested, but she does support Kyle. As she watched the trailer for the seventh season of RHOBH, Ali found herself cheering as Kyle went toe to toe with Lisa Rinna, saying, “This is my girl. Someone goes after her, I’ve got her back.”

There are two new cast members on RHOBH this year. Kyle admitted that she “feels bad” for the ladies when they first come on the show, pointing out that some of them have never even been on TV. Kyle has taken new cast mates under her wing, giving them this advice:

“Always be yourself. None of us is perfect…the times that I regretted it is moments that I just wasn’t being 100% myself.”

Ross pointed out that Brandi Glanville felt pressured to play the role of the villain on the show. Kyle said that “wasn’t really a stretch.”

Kyle’s troubled sister, Kim Richards, will be filming once again this season. Kyle is now in a good place with her older sister. Having two new babies in the family helps. (Kim’s daughter, Brooke, and Kathy’s daughter, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, both gave birth in the last few weeks.)

The trailer for season seven is full of drama — both old beefs and new grudges. Lisa Rinna can’t keep Kim Richards’ name out of her mouth, and new girl, Eden Sassoon doesn’t get along with the OG’s.

But RHOBH isn’t the only show Kyle plugged. In her new role as producer, she’s bringing American Woman to TVLand. The show is inspired by Kyle’s childhood, and though she tried very hard to be respectful of her sisters, this is Kyle’s story from her point of view. Alicia Silverstone takes on the lead as Big Kathy, Kyle and Kim’s momager. Also, Kyle joined the cast of Celebrity Apprentice, which comes out in January.

Sounds like we’ll be seeing a whole lot of Kyle in the next several months. So, will you be tuning in to American Woman? And do you think Kyle made it to the finals on Celebrity Apprentice?


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