5 Unanswered Questions After The ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Reunion That Left Us Stumped!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County is behind us, and Bravo viewers are getting set to spend a few months in Beverly Hills.

The reunion was a wild one — but Andy Cohen/Bravo editors left several questions unanswered, unchallenged, or unresolved. Consider these following blank spots.

1. How would Tamra Judge excuse striking a co-star, threatening to “kill” her — and expect to cruise on into Season 12?      

Tamra lashed out and shoved Kelly Dodd against a wall, violently reacting  to an insensitive comment — and audio of the unseen Ireland footage captured Tamra screaming death threats. Andy did not call out Tamra’s violent aggression, nor her raging threat against a cast mate. 

2. Why is it considered normal behavior for Heather Dubrow to gaslight “problem” co-stars?

Heather offered a handy blanket apology, regarding her nasty behavior on the van in Ireland. Andy never pushed her further, despite Bravo editors pointing to the manipulative pattern. Heather used the phrase “psychotic break” when trying to shade emotional reactions from both Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd — whispering within earshot that Kelly is “insane.”

3. How about that hallway battle in Ireland?

Andy never addressed the battle in the hotel hallway — another verbal brawl triggered by Tamra Judge. It was Tamra and Shannon hashing out rumors and gossip with a sober and beaten down Kelly Dodd — while Heather suspiciously captured the action on her cell phone. Andy did not even ask the mean girls about some of the most shady raw footage ever.

4. Could Shannon please explain how a verbal exchange ends in assault and battery charges?

David Beador was arrested in 2003, pleaded GUILTY, and admitted in court that he used “force and violence” against his wife. He completed three years of informal probation, a batterer’s treatment program, and 10 days in a work program, under the terms of his plea deal. How do those on-record facts square with Shannon’s story of calling the police to stop a simple verbal  squabble? 

5. REALLY Shannon?

Shannon’s stuttering story is so full of holes, it would take a full episode to hash out, so the need to quickly move through the dark drama is understandable. However, some key points should have been addressed.

  • If Shannon was blackout drunk during the night in question, how in the world does she know what went down, and exactly how she ended up bruised and bloody? Shannon herself admitted that she did not remember what happened.
  • Shannon said she “had” to go to Hawaii — generally you don’t use the phrase “had to” when describing a Hawaiian vacation.
  • Shannon provided a bruised but smiling bikini pic, claiming it to be proof that she had not been hit. One could also argue that this was not an honest picture of a woman who had just discovered her husband’s infidelity — Shannon’s sputtering explanation. The cuts and bruises could have easily pointed to a possible physical altercation. 
  • No one addressed Vicki’s assertion that other people in her home overheard Shannon’s distressed phone call. Shannon had no explanation, did not deny it, and Andy did not push for a concrete response.
  • Heather ranted frustration because Shannon had “confided” in Vicki. Vicki had kept quiet about the affair — so why was Heather indignant and horrified now — if the abuse story was just a made up lie? WHAT exactly did Shannon confide to Vicki, that Vicki had now exposed? 

See ya Real Housewives of Orange County….it’s been one dark and  bumpy ride.


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