[VIDEO] Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Reveals Why She Pushed Kody Away amid Catfishing Scandal

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Catfish “Samuel Cooper” is scoring another season, according to a sneak peek into Sunday night’s premiere of Sister Wives.

Kody and Meri Brown sit down for a heart-to-heart — and Meri is demanding answers.

Details about the behind the scenes dynamic between Meri and Kody continue be revealed, rewinding viewers back to the days following the discovered online affair. Meri and Kody work to communicate, during the filmed exchange. 

“Is that what you’re waiting for me to do,” Meri asks Kody. “Come crawling back on my knees? What are you waiting for? What do you want?”

“I think I know what I want but we’ll have to discuss this with Nancy,” Kody responds.

Interestingly, last season Meri denied ever wanting or planning to leave Kody, or the family, for “Sam Cooper.” The couple reveals that to save their relationship and preserve the family dynamic, they have entered therapy.

“This catfish was just planting things in my head an telling me how horrible my family was and specifically how horrible Kody was,” Meri recalls. “That was one of the reasons why I didn’t want him around. I was just angry. I’m just angry at him.”

Meri adds that she pushed Kody away — rather than the Oklahoma woman impersonating a man, ready to swoop in and rescue her from a loveless marriage.

Kody, I just feel like I’ve spent a lot of years not knowing where we were,” she says. “You know both of us have been avoiding any sort of anything with our relationship. I feel like i’m just doing my life by myself. That’s not what o signed up for.”

Sister Wives premieres Sunday night, at 8 pm ET.


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