Jim & Amber Marchese Save Their Relationship From Divorce After ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Hooker Reveal

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There’s good news to report from Marriage Boot Camp. Jim and Amber Marchese, former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, have got their marriage back on track, despite the big hooker reveal.

During one of their epic fights on the show, as Amber cowered under the covers, Jim yelled, “You put your mouth on my d**k like it’s a G-d damn f***ng lube job…I’ve had hookers blow me better than you!”

Of course he has, I mean that just goes without saying. But there’s even more good TMI news to report from the happy couple, there sex life has never been better!

“When I was sitting in bed, I wasn’t being quiet because I was afraid of him,” Amber explained to Radar Online about their fight. “I just wanted him to shut up and go to sleep. It was three o’clock in the morning. I’m like, ‘you’re not getting any, shut up! Go to bed!’”

Jim agreed that that their marriage is in a better place. “[We’re having] lots of sex [since Marriage Boot Camp wrapped], so we’re good,” he laughed.

“No, honestly,” Amber added, “Our marriage has turned around and we’re doing quite well,”

“We turned up the heat a little bit,” Jim revealed.

Congrats to the couple for turning things around as well as turning things up!


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