‘Below Deck’ Recap: Captain Lee Makes A Decision That Shakes Kelley To The Core

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Recap by guest blogger J.R.


You know that feeling after you finished eating Thanksgiving dinner and you’re so full, and you’ve drank enough that you’re not yet on Ben’s level after he’s had a few drinks with his brother, but that fine line where you can tolerate your family’s shady comments about your life choices? And you’re tired from eating and you’ve just disappointed your aunt, or grandpa, or cousin and you’re exhausted even though you haven’t done much…that’s what this episode of Below Deck has done to me. It was essentially nothing. Like a full hour of nothing, and yet, after it was done I was so drained.

We start where we left off last week, Kelley accidentally forgetting the keys, with no way to pick up the charter guests, and Captain Lee, having to come in and save them. Nico is wondering where Kelley is since half an hour has already passed, and Kelley is nowhere to be seen, when he realizes the keys are on the island with him. An hour later, the Captain finally arrives and brings the guests back, both are unhappy about it.

Below Deck Season 4_captain_lee_to_the_rescue_

Dean and the others are back on-board and Kate is ready to make sure they always have a drink in hand. The plan is to get them blackout drunk so they don’t remember.

Captain calls for Kelley, because it wouldn’t be an episode if he didn’t. If a charter goes by, and Kelley isn’t getting reprimanded, did it really happen? Well lucky for us, and unlucky for Kelley it always happens so we don’t have to worry about it. Nico is also called, and they’re both expecting the worst. The Captain tells them that what he would like to do is rip their f****** heads off. What he does instead is promote Nico to senior deckhand, this way the load is a lighter for Kelley, and will make his job easier…Thanksgiving family shade. Nico feels he works hard and is happy for more responsibility.

Below Deck Season 4_nico_scholly_gets_promoted_to_senior_deckhan

As soon as Nico and Kelley leave the Captain’s presence basically everyone on the boat hears the news – the gossip spreads that fast. But there’s also a total of 8 of them, so that should pretty much be expected it.

Also Ben moves Emily’s birthday flowers into the fridge. THAT was a storyline this episode. Where these funeral flowers should go. R.I.P Below Deck. Sigh. Fine, I guess we just have to entertain this since it comes up more times than the Captain usually calls for Kelley.

Kelley apologizes to Dean and Dean wants them to sing for his mercy, so Kyle writes an apology song for Kelley and Nico to perform after dinner, shirtless of course.

For dinner Ben is preparing a tasting menu to make up for the previous night and the watered down soup incident. The guests love it, but Kate is not impressed, since that’s what Ben should be doing for each service. She’s not wrong.

We then have to watch Kelley and Nico perform their song while Dean sits there looking mildly amused. The two are good sports about it, but ugh. It was a mistake. A bad one, but being “stuck” on an island doesn’t sound too terrible. This whole begging for forgiveness with song and dance just seems like a way to embarrass them to me, and it’s all a bit much. It’s not that he actually wants them to do it, it’s just that he knows he can get them to, and that sucks to watch. Kelley rips off his shirt and his chest says “I’m sorry” and Nico’s says “Big D.” They are fully forgiven.

Below Deck Season 4_kelley_and_nico_s_sorry_song

After dinner Ben asks Kelley about Nico being bosun. Kelley clarifies that he’s only a senior deckhand and that Kelley still has authority over him. Ben tells him Lauren is telling everyone that he’s bosun, but he doesn’t want her getting in trouble. Well Ben, much like those flowers, maybe you should’ve left it alone then.

Speaking of these flowers…again…Kate gets stabbed by them when getting cheese out the fridge, so she moves them out. I know guys, just please bear with me.

Kyle’s friend Ashley is coming, who Kyle describes as the love of his life. Which is odd because he was pretty infatuated with Sierra a mere two charters ago and was actively mad that she supposedly had a boyfriend. Not that that’s okay, nor does it excuse her nonstop texting on the fishing trip, but if she had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend, that should basically cancel out their issues I would think.

Kelley still irritated with last night, finds Lauren and tells her Nico is not a bosun, he’s a senior deckhand, and that he’s still her boss. Dude, it’s the four of you. Please tuck your ego back in and find your chill it’s not that serious. Lauren says okay, then goes and tells Nico that Kelley is mad about his promotion, which was just a complete lie. Lauren, if you cannot find your own chill, the chill Kelley lost will be appointed to you so it doesn’t go to waste. Someone on the deck crew could use it.

Inside, Ben sees the flowers are moved, and moves them back into the fridge. Emily feels like she’s caught in the middle of the situation. I wish she would realize it doesn’t have to be this way if she just spoke up.

Dean and his guests finally leave and the crew meets for their tip meeting. Despite Captain being disappointed, Dean was not, and gave them a tip of 26K, so $2350 each.

Ashley arrives and she and Kyle go off. Kyle admits to taking Sierra out on a date, and it going badly. He says he doesn’t like her because she called him a queen. Only he didn’t like her before that so…

Below Deck Season 4_kyle_dixon_s_girlfriend_arrives

On board, Ben asks Emily out for another date, and she suggests the whole crew should go out since the charter season will be ending soon. Ben doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want to go out alone, despite her literally telling him specifically why two seconds prior to his confusion. He leaves dejectedly, then later repeatedly begs for her to stop working and get a drink with him, she agrees. Um okay, if that’s what you’re into.

When she arrives, Ben mopes that they had a nice thing going. Emily is confused and asks if they don’t anymore. They talk it out and decide to just see where the relationship goes. It was better than another conversation about the flowers I guess. But just barely. Ben asks her to spend the night in a hotel with him, separate twin beds, and they’ll just watch movies. Exactly what you tell grandma so you don’t disappoint her during dinner. Emily says yes, and the two check-in that night. Well here’s hoping they had a better night than us watching. Happy Thanksgiving, until next week!


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