‘RHOC’ Reunion Recap: Shannon Beador Covers Up Abuse Claims With Ridiculous Drunken Excuse

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RHOC Reunion Season 11

This is it! Part three of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the one that’s supposed to be the worst of the worst and no coming back from the crash and burned friendships. We begin with the wreck in Glamis. Flashbacks are shown of the dune buggy flipping, Tamra being taken by ambulance and Vicki by helicopter to different hospitals. Tamra still feels responsible, as she should, since she was driving. Interestingly enough, Vicki called bull$hit on Shannon’s medical excuse to get out of going to Glamis due to her so-called permanent lung damage. That is the definition of irony, right? Shannon should have brought medical proof like a piece of paper with the clinical diagnosis of ‘acute pulmonary bronchitis’ rammed together without breaks. That’s believable.

Lines were drawn in the sand when Meghan and Shannon didn’t visit Vicki in the hospital. At the time these two didn’t believe Vicki was that hurt just because a helicopter was involved. Meghan confesses that she didn’t tell Shannon about the accident until they were playing golf because it didn’t seem like a big deal. Again, a helicopter was involved! Meghan explains it wasn’t Heather that was relaying the details of the accident, it was TV Heather relaying the details of the incident. 

RHOC Reunion Season 11 Recap

Shannon and Meghan are still clinging to the fact that if Vicki had actually been admitted to the hospital, they would have actually visited, but no one actually believes this. Andy wants to know why Vicki took a selfie in the helicopter, but Vicki tells Andy not to pick at things that don’t need to be picked at, unless it’s a scab, of course. But apparently, Briana told Tamra that once the cameras were off, Vicki would remove her neck brace and run around the house, drinking wine – to which I say, don’t we all do that? But this is interesting, Andy says that 72% of viewers sided with Shannon and Meghan for not visiting Vicki at the hospital. I thought it would have been higher.

Bottom of the morning to ya! Next up is talk of Ireland where the ladies had a whale of a time, if that whale was bloated and dying. Flashbacks are shown of the low points of the trip and the traumatic van ride to the airport. First up is the nose-flicking in the pub by Kelly. Meghan felt Kelly was baited and ganged up on. And as for the fireball, the ladies do have a history drinking these when on vacation, but for Heather it was more about showing off the Chanel flask-purse than getting anyone drunk. 

And as for Shannon shoving Tequila doubles down Kelly’s throat, it was a medicinal upper, not to get Kelly naked wasted. Vicki says she warned Kelly that night to watch her drinking because she felt a setup was coming on, plus Tamra admitted it was Kelly’s funeral. But it’s just so funny when Kelly imitates Shannon – or anyone. Shannon says that she admits it looks bad, but she stands by her unconvincing denial she was trying to get Kelly drunk.

RHOC Reunion Season 11 Recap

Onto the subject of David beating the $hit out of Shannon. Shannon says it’s not true and Vicki says she has the photos to prove it. Shannon admits that in 2003 she called the police over a verbal argument with David. Tamra and Vicki start yelling at each other and the conversation goes like this: “You shut up. No you shut up. No you shut up. Everybody’s sick of your shit. Everybody’s sick of your shit. I’m a better person. Oh, right.” Andy interrupts this pointless volley and says Shannon has the floor, but has to say it several times. So here’s the story, Shannon had too much to drink one night or something was slipped into her drink and she fell down and got a bruise on the right side of her hip and arm, along with two badly skinned knees. She and David were in a very dark place back then, this was when Shannon first found out about the affair. Two days later they went to Hawaii – because that’s what you do when you first learn of your husband’s affair.

Shannon says she would never stay with a man who hit her, but now because of Vicki spreading these rumors, everyone thinks David is a wife-beater. Vicki says this isn’t her fault, it’s Kelly’s fault, but Heather and Tamra try to call Vicki out. Shannon says she needs a moment and runs off the set in tears, Tamra follows.


Backstage Tamra and Shannon gossip that Vicki is not a nice person. On stage, Heather goes to bat and says Vicki has been waiting to use that nugget against Shannon and this speaks to her character. Vicki says she didn’t bring it up, Kelly did. And just as Kelly is about to climb under the bus, Meghan puts the blame on Vicki. Heather tells Vicki she should beg for forgiveness from Shannon and Vicki’s head nearly explodes as she says that Shannon called her a con-woman, a liar and a cancer scammer. Vicki finally agrees she should have never told Kelly that David beat up Shannon. And then Kelly says she believes the falling down drunk story because it’s happened to her it makes sense to her. Shannon shows a picture of herself with the skinned knees. The two women agree that a man should never touch a woman, so there’s that, at least.

RHOC Reunion Season 11 Recap

Moving on to Vicki’s other rumor she’s been repeating about Eddie being gay. Much of this seems like payback to those who went against Brooks last season. Tamra tells Vicki, “Shut up old lady” and it’s comic relief, though Tamra’s not far behind. Andy asks Heather why she was more upset at Kelly in the van than Vicki. Heather apologizes for that, but Kelly says everyone is scared of the puppet master and the whole world hates Heather and likes her. Chalk one up for Kelly.

Andy asks Tamra where she and Vicki are today. Tamra says that Vicki is disgusting for discrediting her marriage. Vicki says she never said the “rumors” that Eddie is gay are true, nor did she say they weren’t true. Tamra warns Kelly to just wait until it happens to her. Vicki says she’s sorry for repeating these rumors to Kelly


For the final moments, Andy asks what do-over would each of the ladies like. Heather wants a do-over for the van ride. Meghan wishes she would have listened to Heather about the Glamis accident. Tamra regrets pushing Kelly in Ireland. Kelly regrets the comment about Tamra’s daughter, which caused Tamra to push her. Shannon regrets the night she yelled at David about his mother because she wasn’t mad at him. And Vicki regrets spreading the rumors to Kelly.

This season is over! Everyone is given a black velvet to toast the end of the show (except Meghan) and no one looks happy about it. You know Heather wishes she had her Chanel flask-purse now. Tell us what you think. Was part three the worst of the worst or par for the course? Was this a good season or are you happy it’s over?


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