‘RHOA’ Recap: Kandi Burruss Reveals Devastating Baby Daddy Drama

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All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

Last week, on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore had a showdown over whether Kenya should invest in some baseboards for her unfinished manse. Sheree had some very strong feelings. Baseboards are a must, people!

This week, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks and Sheree meet up over calamari to dish the dirt. Sheree fills them in on her big fight with Kenya. She seems most upset that Kenya called her a ho, and then throws some shade of her own by saying Kenya slept her way up the Z-list. The ladies hurl a few more insults toward Moore Manor, and Porsha wonders if Kenya has to sleep in a hazmat suit.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

While the ladies are having fun at Kenya’s expense, Matt and Kenya are doing booty stretches. They’ve been back together for two weeks, and she’s agreed to join Matt at his upcoming family reunion. Meeting his folks will be a good test of their relationship. Those are ominous words, Kenya. I’m scared for you.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

Over at the Kandi Factory, Todd, Kandi, and baby Ace are minding their own business when in strolls a woman named Kris Kelli. She happens to be the girlfriend of Block, Kandi’s ex, and Riley’s deadbeat dad. Kris asks to speak to Kandi alone. It seems Kris is trying to get Block and Riley back together. There’s only one problem: according to Kandi, he’s never been a present father. Kris blames that on Kandi’s bad attitude, but Kandi isn’t playing that game. For three years Riley’s had almost no communication with Block. Riley would try to reach out to her dad, but he didn’t reach back. Thank you for your interest, Kris. Shut the door on your way out!

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

Once Kris leaves, Todd gives his opinion. All kids should know their father, and it would be good for Riley and Block to reconnect. But Kandi has never kept Block from having access to Riley. He just never stepped up to be a decent parent. Why, after fourteen years, would he start now?

On a lighter note, Matt and Kenya are driving to Cincinnati, an eight-hour road trip she doesn’t want to take. She offers to pay for a first class ticket to fly, but Matt wants to spend this time bonding with his woman. Though she complains about…well, pretty much everything, including his driving…Matt takes it in stride.

In Atlanta, Bob Whitfield invites Sheree over for an undrinkable smoothie, and then bares his muscular thigh to tempt her. That show of skin doesn’t sway Sheree. While Bob’s made some changes, all he thinks about is sex, and he makes jokes when she’s being serious. Sheree is over it, Bob! What she really wants is an apology for him stepping out on their marriage, subjecting her to verbal abuse, and leaving the kids without a real home.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

Bob’s dad died when he was only 44. Now that Bob has reached the same age, he’s lost twenty pounds, wants to reunite, and move into Chateau Sheree. Hell to the nah, nah, nah! If he wants her back, he’s going to have to work for it. Sheree won’t come easily, my friend.

Over at Cynthia Bailey’s House of Horrible Hats, Cynthia’s mom and sister, Malorie, stop by to visit. Malorie admits that Peter has been so desperate to reconcile with Cynthia, he’s even called her a couple of times, whining about how much he misses his wife. Cynthia is upset Malorie didn’t tell her sooner. And while Cynthia may miss Peter, why can’t she simply have a friendship with him and find some peace, damn it?

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

On a wooded walking path, Phaedra and Porsha discuss why Porsha needs more exercise. If her brain — I’m not even going to make a joke because it’s low hanging fruit — has more endorphins racing through it, she’ll be less likely to whoop someone’s ass. At least that’s her doctor’s philosophy. But while endorphins and fresh air are nice and all, what she really wants to talk about is her ticking biological clock. Porsha wants a baby. And since she’s been talking to her cute ex, Todd, who works in D.C. as a lobbyist, that clock has been getting louder. Todd already has two teenagers, but Porsha doesn’t mind. She just needs his man juice, and then he can be on his way. Phaedra thinks this is a terrible idea, but Porsha is determined and wants a baby-nup, so that if she gets into any more fights he can’t take the kid away from her. Way to think ahead, Porsha!

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

In Cincinnati, Kenya and Matt meet up for brunch with his family, including his mom, dad, and sister, Hallison. When Kenya gives her opinion of Matt’s casual clothes, his mother quickly puts Kenya in her place. Kenya voices her opinions so freely, Hallison asks if Kenya even cares about what Matt wants? Next, Matt’s mother asks about Kenya’s intentions. Kenya calls out Matt’s immaturity, and his sister quickly points out their age difference. The word “cougar” is mentioned. And Matt’s father warns about the difficulties in taming an alpha male like Matt, but Kenya wears that pants in this relationship, sir, so that will not be a problem.

On the way to get Riley’s teeth pulled, Kandi talks about Kris Kelli’s visit. The subject of Block comes up, and in a flash of wisdom, Riley thinks her dad should be the one trying to make their relationship work, not his girlfriend. Agreed, Miss Riley!

In a self-defense class — really, Porsha, really? — Porsha meets up with Todd, her ex. On his trips to Atlanta, he stops by to see her and flirt madly. Porsha says they’re not hitting it. I don’t believe her for a minute. Anyway, she manages to maneuver the conversation to her ripe womb, and asks for Todd’s sperm. Todd turns her down. He’s not lending out his swimmers and thinks having a baby without a relationship is a mistake. Besides, he wants to win her heart. Porsha agrees that if Todd spends more time in Atlanta, she’ll give him a shot.

Back in Cinci, Kenya is having a great time at Matt’s family reunion. Until Hallison pulls her aside. Matt’s sister goes in hard, sharing her skepticism of their relationship. She wonders if Kenya has any deep feelings for Matt. Kenya is offended by the questions and thinks maybe Hallison is trying to run her off. Kenya expresses her love for Matt and names a few of his admirable traits, pacifying his protective sister. Then Matt’s mom and Kenya hug it out as she welcomes Kenya into the family.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

Being serious for a minute, you can feel that this is what Kenya has always wanted — to belong to a family who loves her. I hope, for her sake, she finds what she’s looking for.

Over at the gym in Atlanta, Sheree and Kandi get together for an exercise sesh. After Kandi taps out on the squats, she and Sheree spill the tea. Sheree says Bob’s plan to wiggle his way into her house — and her She by Sheree panties — is doomed if he can’t acknowledge the past hurts. Kandi agrees, sharing how Block’s girlfriend popped up on the scene.

The two women decide that a man should own up to his mistakes before the healing can begin. And Block is still talking crap behind Kandi’s back — at least according to Porsha. Porsha and Block used to kick it — long after Kandi’s relationship with Block had ended. And it ended badly.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

When Kandi found out she was pregnant, Block said he wanted nothing to do with the baby. Kandi vowed that she wouldn’t be dependent on Block to take care of her or her daughter. She’d always kept that promise, but one day, after hearing the song Kandi had written about her step-father, Riley broke down and cried, wishing she had a father who cared about her.

At Block’s music studio, Lena, a friend of Kandi’s, works with Kris Kelli on a song. Kris brings up Block and Riley, laying all the blame for the rift at Kandi’s feet. Lena doesn’t believe it, and when Block arrives, he shares his side of the story. He was there when Riley was born and tried to do the best for his kid. Lena holds his feet to the fire, asking if he provides emotionally and financially for Riley. Um…no. Block then complained that Kandi doesn’t urge Riley to call him, so how is he supposed to have a relationship with her? Even Kris admits that if Riley has a date with her dad, Kandi fears he won’t show up. Lena jumps on that, questioning if Block neglected to show up for his daughter in the past. Just once, Block says. But listening to Kandi, it was a pattern of canceled visits that led Riley to build a wall around her heart.

Both Sheree and Kandi talk about missing out on having a present father in their lives. After seeing a change in Bob, Sheree encourages Kandi to keep the door open. Sheree questions whether their men know how to be good fathers, seeing as they didn’t have a role model for their own lives.

Kandi_All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9

It was kind of a heavy episode. Many tears were shed, and Riley’s stoic facade nearly broke my heart. So, do you think Riley will let her dad back into her life? Should she? And will Sheree ever forgive Bob and move forward? Does he deserve a second chance?


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