‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Mariah’s Party Ends In A New Beef Between Toya and Lisa Nicole

Recap by guest blogger LisaAnnP. 

Married to Medicine season 4

Greetings, Bravo viewers! I hope you held on to your party favors because it is episode three of the fourth season of “Married to Medicine” and we are STILL at Mariah’s party. After the fireworks between Genise and Heavenly, the question was posed, “Are there any other issues?” Well, what do you think? Lisa Nicole immediately shade-dives in and lands on Toya.  How dare Toya try to nanny-shame her? Toya sees it differently. She thinks that Lisa comes from a place of “fakeness” regardless if it’s a word or not! According to Toya, Lisa does not really want to stay at home around the children she has now, yet is claiming to want another child. Lisa sounds more upset about the fact that Toya spoke her age on television than she is about the other comments, which is unbe-weeve-able! Lisa refers to her frenemy as “Tacky Toya” and Toya hits back with “Tacky is you trying to have a baby with a man who was called ‘gay’ last year.” We are only three minutes in and the shade is at a Category 5 level. Insults ensue. Mariah wants to take a moment to make the conversation all about her, so she refers to a ‘Southern Tradition’ as she brings out desert.

Married to Medicine season 4

Over at Heavenly’s house, the place is in shambles and she is urging her husband and son to clean up the mess. Dr. Simone is receiving a visit from her cousin Nikki, who lives only ten minutes away. The women are discussing Simone’s Father and the fact that no one has heard from him in a few weeks, since he was released from jail. Knowing the extent of his alcoholism, the ladies feel this isn’t a good sign. They are worried he could be in a hospital somewhere or worse. They would rather know that he is sober and warm in jail than left to his own devices out in the world.


Toya and her husband, Eugene, kept their old house, as an option, in case. In case of what, you ask? In case their ongoing issues with the IRS force them to downsize. Toya is talking with him about the party and she sounds more convinced than ever that Mariah wants to make an honest effort to repair their friendship. They arrive at their former house, which holds a lot of great memories for Eugene. Toya has her own set of not-so-happy memories, like the time the neighbor’s house was burglarized and they had to barricade their door. Toya doesn’t appear to share the same fondness for the home, and I doubt that she will ever return on a permanent basis. Maybe Toya can barricade the door in their new home to keep the IRS at bay?

Married to Medicine season 4

Brandi has stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her liver and she is meeting with Dr. Jackie. She has stopped chemotherapy. So far, this episode has not been a barrel of laughs. It is quite somber. Brandi is keeping her hopes up and Jackie holds her hand in a show of solidarity. 

Lisa Nicole and Darren are at lunch talking about a patient with third degree burns, you know, light lunch banter. Lisa wants to know what Darren said to the guys to make them think he does not want more children. He lies and says “Nothing” as the camera flashes back to him telling them that he’s happy with the two children he has and does not need any more. He is backpedaling a bit now that he’s face to face with Lisa and going with the flow. If they should find themselves preggers after a romantic night of Keith Sweat music, then it was meant to be.

Married to Medicine season 4

Toya has rich-girl problems, as she, Heavenly and Quad go out for some retail therapy. Quad is quick to announce Toya’s $175,000 tax lien. If she were Toya, she would not be out shopping with the ladies. Toya is turning up the shade meter on Lisa Nicole, commenting that she looks older than she is, and it’s not Toya’s fault that she’s so sensitive about it. Toya dials it up further by mentioning the accusations about Darren being very recent. It seems to be the consensus that now is not the time for Lisa Nicole to get pregnant, with the outspoken Toya being the most vocal.

Across town, Genise, our resident real estate expert, is showing her clients a lovely home in the suburbs. The clients happen to be Dr. Jackie and Curtis. He is concerned about the traffic in the area, but she leaves the office late and does not feel it will be an issue. Curtis loves the view and the neighborhood. Jackie seems to be stalling a bit on whether or not she wants it. They sit down and discuss a few pros and cons. They want to get the opinion of a few friends, and resolve to keep looking for something that they both love.

Married to Medicine season 4

Lisa Nicole and Dr. Darren are on their way to the clinic for Darren to provide his “love sample.” I wonder if Keith Sweat music will be required for this deposit. He wants to be sure that Lisa will be willing to slow down if necessary, like for bed rest during her pregnancy, or you know, to actually care for her child when the child is here. Maybe Lisa really does have baby fever or maybe she is just hoping to fertilize her marriage, pun intended!

Mariah and Toya are meeting for cocktails and hugs. It has been a while since these two were this friendly to one another. Toya appreciated the party and her efforts. Toya is surprised that Mariah and Lisa are friends and calls Lisa a “hot, damn mess.” Shade for days, Chile! Mariah wants Toya to focus on their friendship, and nothing else. Mariah thinks that Toya’s credit cards need to be destroyed. The women toast to ‘no more weave, I mean, hair – pulling.’

Married to Medicine season 4

Heavenly and her daughter are having a heart-to-heart talk and she is imitating her Mother. Heavenly promises to listen more and to be less abrasive. She knows that her daughter is an honest critic and would not imitate her Mother being so abrasive, unless it were true. It’s good to know that Heavenly can take constructive criticism from someone, even if it’s a 12 year-old.

Quad is meeting Toya for a “friend audit.” She is shocked that Toya is still picking the most expensive items to purchase. Quad is teaching her friend how to cut back and sacrifice while working towards paying off the IRS. Wow! Quad pulled out a pouch of Ramen Noodles and suggested that Toya buy them for dinner!  Surprisingly, Toya seemed to have a good sense of humor about Quad’s suggestions. I think we all know what the old Toya would have done with those noodles, and it would not have been pretty. This episode has been a roller-coaster of emotions! It started out as a category 5 shade-storm, then dropped to a somber level, and now it’s up and climbing once again!

Married to Medicine season 4

Doctors Jackie and Simone are looking at the house for consideration and Simone loves it! She loves the neighborhood and the house, and sees it as an easy decision. Dr. Jackie reflects upon wanting to adopt a child a few years back and Curtis ending that dream with a firm “no” only to find herself in the suburbs, looking at a home that is perfect for children. All that’s missing is a tire swing on the maple tree! The conversation quickly reverts to Simone’s missing Father. She may have to go to Nashville herself on a quest to find him! Simone is asking if Jackie will consider making the trip with her for emotional support, and for the Bravo story-line, of course. Dr. Jackie vows to support her friend and make the trip to Nashville. I guess we’re off to to Grand Ol’ Opera territory next week, folks. Grab your Ostrich-skinned boots, your Stetson hats and as always, your shade meters! 


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