’90 Day Fiance’ Tell-All Recap: Anfisa Storms Off After Admitting To Using Jorge & Calls His Sister A ‘Bitch’

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'90 Day Fiance' Tell-All Recap: Anfisa Storms Off After Admiting To Using Jorge & Calling His Sister A 'Bitch'

The 90 Day Fiance couples spilled the post season tea during a tag-on special called 90 Day Fiance: The Couples Tell All. Host, Shaun Robinson,  bellows her welcome, kicking off the festivities. Three couples plus Nicole and her mom are on the couches, and Azan’s head is joining in via phone, from Morocco.

Gold Digger Love

It quickly becomes clear that this is the Jorge and Anfisa show, and the others are just revolving around them. We are first asked to believe that Jorge and Anfisa missed their flights, because Jorge was broke — and TLC does not foot the bill for transportation. The couple all but tap dance their shtick for TLC cameras, making it painstakingly obvious that they have Mohamed and Danielle stars in their eyes. Shaun pushes Jorge and Anfisa to fight for the cameras — and they bicker until Shaun baits Matt and Alla to throw into the dialogue. Matt’s snoozy response is immediately dismissed, but Alla giggles and nails them as drama lovers. Jorge and Anfisa seem to be pushing for a spinoff, even proudly sending shattered phone pics to TLC producers — the devices smashed in twin fits of rage. Shaun rewinds their once believable story, questioning Jorge’s common sense. Jorge explains that Anfisa only acted like a crazy bitch a few times — nothing that couldn’t be overlooked. Pedro labels Anfisa nuts, and Jorge dumb as a box of rocks. Bland Matt is mildly amused by the spectacle, but Alla thinks Anfisa is disrespectful. Alla also believes that the couple has chemistry, and that it’s cool to love American currency. Anfisa has coin-fueled mood swings, and plans to bail on the marriage if the cash flow dries up. Jorge is waiting for his “boiling point” to annul the marriage, but Anfisa knows that will never happen. Jorge explains that Anfisa’s borscht-tantrum was a bluff, and that she never planned to return to Russia. Shaun brings them back to the idiotic keyed car incident, and the camera darts around stone-faced expressions, waiting for Anfisa’s response. Anfisa, frustrated that she is being portrayed as a bunny-boiler, storms off the set in protest. Jorge runs off to comfort his bride, and Chantel grabs the moment to launch into some odd rant making the drama about herself. Jorge and Anfisa return, and Alla gives her a motivational speech in Russian. Anfisa admits that she loves Jorge, but sticks by her right to act like a raging loon when Jorge doesn’t cave to her demands. 

The Doubters

Shaun rewinds various naysayers throwing wrenches into the lovers’ stories, asking how they all feel about the family shade. Shaun tries to drag some reaction out of content Matt, and he comes through — offering a fierce furrowed brow. Anfisa admits that Jorge’s sisters are the worst, and her husband is a feeb. Jorge and Anfisa keep up their shtick, rambling about money, green cards, and bitchy sisters. Anfisa giggles involuntarily at her own nonsense, admitting that they have good reason to not like her. Nicole throws in, sharing her hope that Anfisa might be as mature as she is, one day.

'90 Day Fiance' Tell-All: Russian Import Anfisa Calls Jorge 'Stupid After Admiting She’s Using Him For A Green Card & Money

Green Cards or Love?

Shaun asks the big question — is all of this about green cards or true love? Alla giggles a non answer, and Pedro says no way. Azan tries to sell that he wanted Nicole to torture camels with him forever in Morocco. Pedro admits that all of his pals are waiting to hook up with hot American green cards, and Chantel reveals that she was once worried about Pedro’s motives. Pedro’s friends thought he was scoring big — but Chantel “thinks” that Pedro loves her — so no worries. We learn that Alla professed her love for Matt, sharing her heart a couple of months after the wedding. Anfisa and Alla later share a laugh about the silliness of believing that a life in America is worth the ordeal — except they have just proven that such a belief is indeed the truth.

'90 Day Fiance' Tell-All Recap Season 4

Shady Shady

Chantel and Pedro’s big lie is revisited, and we learn that Chantel was hoping to keep the sham going until she scored graduation gifts. Pedro admits that he avoided confrontation by faking language ignorance — proving that Chantel’s parents’ distrustful instincts were spot on. Pedro later admits that the relationship with his wife’s family has not improved — not a surprise.

'90 Day Fiance' Tell-All Recap Season 4

PDA or Bust

Alla believes that Nicole’s desperate snuggle demands stem from being desperate in general. Chantel completely understands Nicole’s need to be groped by a stranger. Anfisa is just glad that Jorge is not a Muslim. Shaun banishes the other couples to the isolation booth to hammer Nicole and her mother, who admits that she is warming to Azan. We relive Azan’s shifty horror during Nicole’s time in Morocco, and Nicole’s mom calls her daughter clingy and Azan unconvincing. Shaun labels Nicole’s weight debate as Azan’s wish for her to “adopt a healthier attitude.” Azan would appreciate a healthy fiance, not a girl who is “big a little bit.” However, Azan “thinks” he’s attracted to Nicole, despite all of the dodgy cringing in Morocco. Nicole busts him for knowing what she looked like — a legit moment on her part. Nicole’s mom will not give them any support, and does not believe that Azan loves her daughter. Azan looks shady, but Nicole is sold, especially when Azan whips out his sexy French skills. The other couples weigh in, and side with Nicole’s mom.

'90 Day Fiance' Tell-All Recap Season 4

Weddings and Tears

The couples all admit that social media comments hurt, and Shaun brightens, prodding them to reflect on the most painful social media jabs. The couples’ weddings are remembered, and they all commiserate over not having family present for their big days. The too-long special ends with a Newlywed Game for flunkies, and the season is a wrap.

It’s off to Vegas — because Sister Wives premieres next week.


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