UPDATED: Sheree Whitfield Fined & Placed On Probation For Filming ‘RHOA’ Party At Chateau Sheree Without Occupancy Permits

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Sheree Whitfield was dealt a very public blow Friday, in The Real Housewives of Atlanta House Wars.

Sheree Whitfield was fined by the city of Sandy Springs $1,000 for not getting the proper occupancy permits for a major housewarming party taped for the Bravo reality show on October 28.

Sheree Whitfield Fined & Placed On Probation For Filming 'RHOA' Party At Chateau Sheree Without Occupancy Permits

A sheepish Sheree, along with a RHOA producer, faced some embarrassing music in a Fulton County courtroom today. Sheree loves showing off her personal castle on Bravo, but evidently passed on filing some required legal paperwork. 

The Atlanta cast’s finale party was filmed at Sheree’s home — a Sandy Springs address that has been shaded by financial rumors. Sheree and co-star, Kenya Moore, have been swapping jabs about each other’s new homes — and fans know that Sheree wanted her “chateau” to shine, as viewers tuned in to watch Bravo’s signature cast showdown.

The city busted Sheree for not providing a certificate of occupancy, nor obtaining permission to film at her Sandy Springs residence. Sheree pleaded no contest. Watch Sheree shoot eye daggers at an Atlanta reporter, as he captures the fun on film. Press play to watch the video below.

Whitfield accepted the fine as part of a plea deal and the reality star, will also be under unsupervised probation by the city for 18 months to ensure she files for proper permitting in the future. The production company True Entertainment, which creates ‘Real Housewives’ for Bravo, were also fined $1,000 for not providing proper permits, security or parking. 

Sheree‘s neighbor, David Good reported the October 28th incident to the police, appeared at today’s hearing.

The annoyed neighbor was peeved when dozens of cars parked in his cul-de-sac — creating traffic issues. The neighbor described how cars parked on neighbor’s lawns and blocked the street. In addition, the show installed a big spotlight that wasn’t permitted.

Sheree spoke to Channel 2 Action News after the hearing, “If there were cars on the lawn, they weren’t my guests. I provided shuttles.”

Her neighbor rejected her claim that she’s a, “good neighbor.”

“Ridiculous,” Good said. “Absolute bunk.”

Good also complained that the city of Sandy Springs has given Sheree huge allowances over the slow build out of her home, that there were plenty of reported code violations at her property. The party was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” In addition, whatever shuttles Sheree provided, he said, were clearly inadequate for the volume of guests.

Clash of the egos over the completion of Moore Manor and Chateau Sheree is an ongoing RHOA storyline for season 9. Sheree and her co-star, Kenya Moore have lavish homes under construction just down the street from one another, and the ladies have exchanged shade regarding their respective lodgings. The two wagered bets who would have their home completed by Christmas — a wager that has Sheree bypassing some legal steps. 


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