‘Low-Class Antics!’ Farrah Abraham BLASTS Maci Bookout, Kailyn Lowry, & Amber Portwood Over ‘Teen Mom’ Cruise Snub

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Have you heard the phrase, Thou doth protest too loudly? It can certainly be applied to Farrah Abraham, who is lashing out at her Teen Mom OG costars over being left out of next summer’s cruise. Maci Bookout, Kailyn Lowry and Amber Portwood are setting sail on a first-ever Teen Mom cruise.

That isn’t an accident either! A spokesperson told TMZ the Enchantments Under The Sea liner would NOT be inviting Farrah Abraham to participate because they’re “aiming for a family-friendly environment.”

The reality star is claiming she’s “laughing” over the snub, but is Farrah really?

“I’m laughing at how the extra Teen Moms have to try and insult me to promote the wack cruise they’re trying to sell,” Abraham told Radar. “Unlike them I don’t need to share with other girls to get a company to give me a free cruise and make others pay for it.”

Where to begin? First, authors, comedians, athletes and other celebrities commonly participate in this kind of floating group publicity. And the comment, “I don’t need to share with other girls” speaks volumes. The sex tape star is flat out wrong. But the insults don’t stop there, Farrah slams her co-stars for not bringing their kids along.

“I took Sophia on the largest cruise ship by Disney that sits in the port that was really family friendly,” she said. “They’re on a family-friendly cruise yet aren’t bringing their kids. Have a fantastic 21 & over time!”

Pah-leeze! I’m sure they will have a fantastic time. Farrah continued to bash the trip saying nobody wants to “play beer pong all day with pedophile boyfriends.”

Farrah has made these outrageous claims before about Amber Portwood’s boyfriend, Matt Baier (44), and the accusation is unsubstantiated. In the meantime, Farrah must really want to go on a cruise because she’s contemplating throwing a yacht party.

“Maybe I’ll host a huge Yacht party with real entertainment,” she said. “Have fun on your cruise. I wouldn’t pay to go on that one, sorry. Bored of all their low-class antics.”

Are you scared to think of what qualifies as real entertainment in Farrah’s mind? In the meantime, Farrah’s sometimes boyfriend, Simon Saran, sarcastically stood up for his girl.

“Considering Maci just had balls rubbed over her face in Vegas and Amber is endorsing a 50 year-old naked man in a book, they seem like much more family-friendly candidates.”

One question Simon: have you seen your on-again off-again girlfriend’s sex tape?


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