‘RHOA’ Kandi Burruss Reacts To Her Mom Implying Phaedra Parks Is A Criminal

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On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss’s mother, Mama Joyce, had some choice things to say about Phaedra Parks.

First of all, Mama Joyce thinks Phaedra should join her husband in the federal pen. After all, for a smart businesswoman, Phaedra had to have known more about Apollo’s dirty dealings than she admitted. And how long does it take to divorce a criminal, anyway?

As Mama Joyce spouted her opinions, Kandi hung her head and refused to be a part of the conversation. But she didn’t silence her mother nor did she tell her business team to lay off Phaedra. Kandi takes to her blog this week to talk about it.

“Any time my family or team says anything about Phaedra, all of Phaedra‘s fans get mad at me as if I told them to say it. My family, friends, and team all speak their mind. They don’t hold back.”

But Kandi hasn’t been too preoccupied by her former friend’s problems. Having a new baby and opening a restaurant has taken up most of Kandi’s time.

When Kandi took her mother and aunts to the unfinished site of the restaurant, they weren’t very impressed. After all, there were no floors and half-finished walls. Why is it taking so long?

“First of all, you have to stay on top of your contractors. If they move slowly and hold up your project, they are stopping your money.”

Opening a restaurant was a new venture for both Todd and Kandi. She addressed the rumors that she stiffed the contractors working for her.

“When you pay them [contractors], you have to make sure they are paying their sub-contractors. If they don’t, it comes back on you and you end up paying for the same thing twice. Our contractor wrote someone a bad check and now people are saying we didn’t pay someone! I was pissed about that.”

But getting the building up to code was only part of the difficulty. Kandi found out the rules and regulations of the city and state could put a hold on their opening.

“Our property is in a historic zone, so there are other rules for parking spaces per square foot of the restaurant. We didn’t realize if we expanded the restaurant that we would have to acquire offsite parking.”

So far, it’s been one snag after another. But:

“Things are finally coming together, but it’s taken a long time to get to this point.”

If they find themselves floundering, maybe Cynthia Bailey could loan them a few coins. She’s made bad investments before. We remember all those bars Peter opened—and closed.

So, is this a good decision for Kandi and Todd or should they stick to the entertainment industry? 


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