’90 Day Fiance’ Mohamed Accuses Danielle Of Committing Fraud & Destroying His Property!

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Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins may have wrapped their season in the TLC spotlight, but details continue to emerge about the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After couple’s chaotic marriage.

Police reports detail more crazy allegations that led to the couple’s demise.

On March 2, 2015 Mohamed accused Danielle and her daughters of destroying his clothes — according to the Sandusky Ohio police report.

“He said he was out all night and when he got home, his wife Danielle Jbali was upset with him and wanted him out of the house,” the report states. “Mohamed said Danielle’s children, Faith, Kylee and Briana Welch began helping Danielle remove his clothing and other belongings out of the bedroom.”

Mohamed pointed to his stepchildren, accusing them of “messing with his clothes.”

In April 2015, Mohamed called the cops, accusing Danielle of stealing $54. The police told Mohamed that money is considered shared property, within a marriage.

Danielle said Mohamed refuses to work or do work around the house,” reads the report. “Danielle said she took the money to help pay for rent and a new tire for their vehicle.”

The following January, Mohamed told police that Danielle used his personal  info to open a DirecTV account. He also claimed that this was her second try, after he had her first attempt shut down. Police directed Mohamed to the identify fraud help line, so he could be kept in-the-know, if it happened again. Mohamed also played a phone recording for the cops, where Danielle is heard bantering about the situation with a friend.

“The female then mentions the DirecTV account,” the report states. “The female states that Danielle’s son does a good impression of Mohamed, and [Mohamed] suggests that is how Danielle opened the new account.”

Danielle supposedly admitted the move, and explained that the carrier allowed it, because the couple was still legally married.

On February 1 2016, Danielle confronted Mohamed at his new residence, demanding he hand over a set of luggage.

“He had told Danielle not to come over,” the report reveals. “He continued stating she has been contacting him and others that reside in the residence, despite being told not to call or text.”

Police advised Danielle to break all contact with Mohamed, as well as anyone else who lived at the address. 

As reported, Mohamed also filed reports alleging that his stepdaughter was contemplating suicide, as well as claims that he had been threatened by Danielle’s two brothers and her son.

The behind the scenes domestic drama was real for one of TLC’s most toxic couples. Do you believe that we have seen the last of Mohamed and Danielle?


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