‘Little Women: LA’ Recap: Christy Brings Backup & Muscle To The Season 5 Reunion [Part 2]

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'Little Women: LA' Recap: Matt's Sexting Scandal Is Rehashed At Season 5 Reunion

Finally! It’s the conclusion of Little Women: LA reunion show! Long ass season, am I right? We return as Christy is confronted about her sobriety. She chokes up over the fact that none of these mean girls were there for her during this oh-so difficult year. And the other girls think she’s popping pills, because what else could explain Christy’s erratic behavior. Kevin flat out asks Christy if she’s suffered a relapse. Christy cusses and walks off. Kevin asks again and Christy says no. Don’t know why Christy didn’t just answer the question. Don’t know why Christy had to walk off. Oh yeah, it’s called, creating drama. Todd then chimes in on how hard it’s been to watch his wife go through this oh-so difficult time and how proud he is of her.

Next, Tonya and Terra accuse Christy of blaming her home life as an excuse to act out. Christy confirms that she feels isolated from everyone, but Jasmine and Elena, so that only leaves Terra, Tonya (who really reached out to her this season) and Briana and her two other heffa friends (who we’ll see later) that were there for her. Not to mention her mother who is always there for Christy. Elena feels Briana needs to get over it already with Christy and quit follow Terra’s every move. But Elena doesn’t blame Terra for not speaking to Christy.

'Little Women: LA' Recap: Matt's Sexting Scandal Is Rehashed At Season 5 Reunion Part 2

Changing topics, Kevin, our Captain Obvious host, points out that nearly everyone was pregnant this season. Flashbacks are shown of all the baby stuff. Jasmine is still pregnant and experiencing ups and downs, trying to eat healthier (instead of taking meds). Elena’s only getting four hours of sleep, but she’s ready for more babies (because her husband actually helps). Terra wishes she could sleep four hours and is already seeing signs of sibling rivalry between her kids (because she’s not there). And Briana’s pregnancy felt like she a fragile piece of glass (because she is).

Kevin wants to talk baby names. Cairo and Xavier were the top two out of 40. Maverick Jax was dedicated to Top Gun turning 30, which Kevin points out is better than the name, Goose. And D’Artagnan is just ridiculous, but don’t judge, even though this kid will get teased relentlessly.

Onto the husbands who don’t cause controversy: Tonya’s man, Kerwin; Elena’s man, Preston; Jasmine’s man, Chris. Flashbacks are shown of tough parenting choices they’ve faced. Kevin asks Tonya what her thoughts are now about littles parenting littles versus parenting averages, and the heffa, who once had a very strong opinion about Briana, hems and haws over her answer. Long story short, Briana is too passive. Jasmine feels Tonya is being ignorant. Terra explains that little kids can walk all over their parents just like the average kids do. However, now Tonya thinks things will be okay since Briana and Matt are doing better (at that moment in time).

'Little Women: LA' Recap: Matt's Sexting Scandal Is Rehashed At Season 5 Reunion Part 2

As far as genetic testing goes, Terra and Elena both feel it’s important, but due to their hectic lifestyles, it’s not a priority right now. Both are still waiting for their results, which sounds more lazy than busy. Preston isn’t concerned but wants to know what mile markers to look for. Kerwin, who has an average sized daughter, didn’t care what size she was when Tonya first told him it was a 50/50 chance. And for Chris, it doesn’t matter if they get genetic testing done or not, he’ll love his child.

Moving on to the subject of apologies. Let’s start with the invite to casino night with Christy’s medical report. She thought it would be funny. But this is just a set up to bring out Rhonnie and Karla, Christy’s friends from casino night. Karla’s just had back surgery and shows her hospital ID bracelet to prove it. Kevin then asks WHY of WHY Christy brought these women to the casino. Answer, because it was a set up girls’ night, Christy says.

Rhonnie starts in and chile, her mouth can’t keep up with her brain as she judges each of the cast members like she knows who they are. Kevin calls the disastrous duo back-up for Christy’s brawl. Finally Christy admits she brought the women along to help her stand up to the others. But mad props go to Jasmine for shutting down fellow Mexican hombre Karla when she tried to speak about reading the text from Briana. Kevin then decides they are at an impasse and told the “ladies” to leave.

'Little Women: LA' Recap: Matt's Sexting Scandal Is Rehashed At Season 5 Reunion Part 2

Next up is Tonya and her lotus flower active wear line. As her best friend, Tonya was hurt by Terra’s heartless criticism. When it comes to the lotus flower, Terra sees Briana as one. Tonya is more of a flowering cactus, in my opinion. Tonya says that she works out more than anyone else in the group. And Tonya and Elena argue over something I can’t follow, but if you’re interested in the active wear line it will be ready available now.

'Little Women: LA' Recap: Matt's Sexting Scandal Is Rehashed At Season 5 Reunion Part 2

Finally we have reached the end, but before we go, let’s talk smack about Terra being on Dancing With the Stars. (She was booted Monday night one week before finals. Gotta admire that.) Jasmine was concerned for Terra so soon after a C-section and says she’s never around for her kids. (Now she is.) Tonya wanted to be on DWTS but is happy for Terra and thinks her placenta smoothies must be working. (Pills but who cares.) Briana wanted to be on the show but her “piss-poor” publicist didn’t submit her name like she thought. (Blame it on the publicist.)

Briana says she’s good with where all the relationships are right now, including Christy. Christy says she is officially out of Briana’s life. And before Kevin ends the show, he announces Little Women: LA Season 6. Deal with it, heffas!

Tell me what you think. Did you find this season compelling? Are the women still as fun as they used to be several seasons ago? And will you tune into LWLA next year?


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