Hypocrite! Heather Dubrow Caught Saying ‘Cunt’ Is Her Favorite Cuss Word After Blasting Kelly Dodd Over Infamous Sushi Dinner [VIDEO]

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Real Housewives of Orange County star, Heather Dubrow, got loose with Entertainment Tonight’s, Brice Sander, a little over a year ago, in a fluff feature called “Housewives Happy Hour.”

In the following August 2015 clip, Tamra Judge gossips with Sander about her reality pal, and dishes some pertinent dirt — while Heather looks on.

“When [Heather’s] not filming…she has the mouth of a sailor,” Tamra spills, much to the delight of her co-star, who giggles naughtily at the disclosure.

“I don’t mind the word c*nt,” Heather states, when Sander asks her to name her favorite curse word.

“Are you shocked that that word just came out of my mouth?” Heather giggles. “A lot of my favorite things start with the letter ‘C.’”

What happened to Heather’s breezy vocabulary standards while she was clutching her pearls in horror, after Kelly Dodd repeated the declared  “favorite curse word?” Who could forget Heather’s ugly cry — stuttering and gasping to her weary husband, during the drive home? The new girl had dragged the hallowed Bravo atmosphere into the gutter, and Heather was crushed by high-class disgust. Remember Heather’s Emmy-worthy rant at the Bravo cameras after the sushi party?

“I am DISGUSTED by this vulgar, vile display from Kelly,” Heather passionately states. “I cannot physically sit here.”

Reunion footage revealed Heather claiming that she was “horrified” when Kelly used the c-word during the cast lunch. Bravo flashed us back to Heather pitching a fit to producers in reaction to Kelly’s blurt, dropping the f-bomb along the way. Heather wanted Kelly gone — and used Kelly’s verbal jab as a reason. Heather insinuated that it was her or Kelly — barking out proclamations in ultimatum-tinged language. 

“I can’t believe I am sitting at this table with someone screaming ‘see you next Tuesday’ at the top of her lungs,” Heather said during the reunion.

Heather evidently believes that a booze-hawking national interview is a more appropriate place repeat the charming expression.

“We’re better than this. Our show is better than this,” Heather stated. “I don’t want to be associated with this.”

Brice Sander may have been thinking the very same thing. Heather curses like a sailor — unless cameras are rolling, or she wants a spotlight-stealing menace fired. Not so fancy.

The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion wraps, on Monday night.


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