Ex Husband of Apollo Nida’s Fiancé Stops Paying Child Support Amid Prison Romance ‘Stop Taking My Daughter To Prison!’

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Apollo Nida may be behind bars, but he’s still causing trouble on the outside.

Ex-husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, Apollo is now in a new relationship. His engagement to Jordanian-born divorcee, Sherien Almufti proves that Apollo isn’t letting incarceration slow down his love life.

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According to RadarOnline, Sherien, a real estate agent, is taking her eight-year-old daughter to prison when she visits her new fiancé. And that’s not cool with Sherien’s ex, Derrick Copes.

“I’m not giving her child support right now because she’s taking my daughter to prison and I have asked her numerous times to stop doing that.”

Having been divorced from Sherien for two years, Copes feels that she’s not living up to her obligations. Normally, he pays $450 a month, but has stopped payments until Sherien complies with his request to stop taking their child to the pen. Copes says his daughter doesn’t like going.

“My daughter is eight years old, she is not happy to go into a prison. If you want me to give you money, I will, but at the same time you have a responsibility to our daughter.”

Apollo Nida's Fiance Shereen Almufti

Copes isn’t jealous of his ex’s new relationship, but a prison setting isn’t the best place for a child. Copes points out that Phaedra doesn’t even take her boys, Ayden and Dylan to see their father.

“If Apollo is in my daughter’s life, that’s no problem — but don’t take her to prison. Phaedra doesn’t even take her kids to prison!”

Apollo Nida's Fiance Shereen Almufti

Ignoring his wishes about the visits was bad enough, but Sherien also pulled her daughter out of class to film in Atlanta. Copes is livid and accuses Sherien of neglecting her parental responsibilities.

“She took my daughter out of school a week an half ago to go to Atlanta to film. Who takes their kid out of school to go film when it’s not educational? That is not good parenting. I don’t want my daughter on the show. I don’t want her going to a jail.”

Apollo Nida's Fiance Shereen Almufti

Copes is over Sherien. He doesn’t care what she does. And if Sherien wants to marry Apollo, that’s fine by him. But she needs to be a parent first.

“At the end of the day I don’t have a problem with them seeing other. We’ve been divorced for two years. It’s not about Sherien’s relationship with him. It’s only about me not being happy with our 8-year-old going to a prison.”

So, do you think that’s a reasonable request or is he out of line?


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