‘RHOC’ Reunion Recap: Heather Confronts Kelly About The Sushi Party Drama & Shannon Talks Mother-In-Law Issues

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RHOC Reunion Season 11

Welcome back to Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show. The ante was upped on uncomfortable moments with the ladies, beginning with wet dreams and urine streams. We begin by diving into Shannon’s shallow end of the pool. 

Flashbacks are shown of the surprise vow renewal (or as Kelly calls it: vowel renewal) which are the kiss of death in reality TV marriages. According to Shannon, the best part was seeing David breakdown and cry repeatedly during the evening. Vicki says for her and Don, it was a last ditch effort for their cheating ways. Then Vicki tells Shannon to calm down again and again. We all know David cheated and Shannon didn’t. Boring! Just like their staged sex life on their second honeymoon. And for some reason we learn that the only couples to have made a sex tape are Tamra and Eddie (they have several) and Meghan and Jim (she thinks). Andy did too, but it was years ago (on VHS).

Onto the Beador kids’ rock show. Shannon absolutely thinks David’s mother pre-planned her part in telling everyone who had ears that night, she drove David to cheat. Shannon says the only thing she has done to her mother-in-law was kick her out years ago after she didn’t help wash the dishes one night. Totally understandable that Shannon would kick out a guest for not doing dishes. Andy reads a viewer card who blames Tamra for her classic shit-stirring that evening, suggesting it wasn’t the right time. And that viewer would be correct, but Shannon says she would have been angry if Tamra hadn’t told her.

RHOC Reunion Season 11 Recap

Lastly, Andy asks Vicki about the comment she made to David about feeling sorry for him because he’ll be paying for the affair for the rest of his life. Vicki stands by it. She says a woman will never get over an affair and will always wonder why. Shannon says the affair wasn’t because of her stuff, it was because of his stuff. Which is a thing called: therapy-speak. And you know that thing called: consequences? When the Beador’s go to football games, their season tickets are right behind the other woman. The least David could do is upgrade the seats. Vicki admits she doesn’t know if David and his mistress ever really had dinner with his mother, she was just repeating what she heard – like everyone else on this show does.

RHOC Reunion Season 11 Recap

Andy took a moment to point out tag lines the ladies repeated ad nauseum during the season. Shannon – Are you kidding me; Heather – By the way; Kelly – Of course; Tamra – Jesus/God (reference); Vicki – Woop it up; Meghan – Sperm.

Moving on, it’s time to pick on Fancy-Pants! Flashbacks are shown of Terry as the absentee father, but give the guy a break, he’s working to pay for the $20 million dollar (Kelly’s guess) embryo etched mansion they are building. Heather admits to being busy. too, but that’s different, she’s being a role model for little girls across the world. The only confirmation Heather will give about the actual price of their new home is “it’s appropriate for the neighborhood” if by neighborhood she means nearby hotels and resorts. Fun fact: none of the housewives have been invited to Heather’s new house. (That’s next season’s storyline if Heather doesn’t get the axe.)

RHOC Reunion Season 11 Recap

Joining the ladies on the sofa is Briana after working 14 straight hours. Briana says now that Brooks is ding-dong-gone, things are ding-dong-great between her and her mom. Things are also great between Vicki and the new man in her life, Steve. Her love tank runneth over. Vicki goes on record saying she would like to get married again. Tamra describes Steve as normal, like she knows what that is.

Sad moment, Briana announces she has lupus. And she still might have very early lymphoma, too, so she has to be careful. As for the house, Vicki didn’t bribe Briana with it, just the down payment. Andy asks about the cancer charity website, which thank goodness, is no more. Monday-morning-quarterback Vicki now sees the error in her ways by supporting a cancer charity group that requires people to buy insurance.


Onto Kelly and all the cliché’s she gets wrong, her lack of a filter and her pattern of rage, apologize, repeat. After watching the flashbacks, Kelly says she has no shame in her game. Andy is shocked by this since he loves shaming the ladies. He asks if Kelly has a drinking problem. Kelly says, no. After attending a court ordered AA meeting she learned she is not an alcoholic just because she hit her husband after a night of drinking. Andy points out alcohol is a common denominator in these situations and Kelly points out the other ladies are the common denominators. Heather is the most offended by this, hence the word common.

RHOC Reunion Season 11 Recap

Next, behind-the-scene footage is shown from the sushi C-U-next-Tuesday dinner. In it, Heather freaks out, dropped the F-bomb, and refuses to film with Kelly. Heather tries to explain why she was horrified by Kelly’s behavior from that night, but can’t because Kelly keeps interrupting. Turns out, the last time Fancy/Bossy Pants was at this particular restaurant was the last time she saw her brother-in-law alive. Heather says it was about their show, RHOC, being better than that. Hang on a sec, let me get off the floor from laughing so hard. Andy then asks Kelly if she stands behind her behavior that night. Yes, she does, even though right afterwards Kelly apologized. She now takes back that apology. Her time with these women in Ireland changed everything. Andy asks Meghan her thoughts and she says when Kelly gets defensive, she gets dirty.

Case in point, Andy brings up Kelly’s comment about Tamra’s daughter. Kelly says she wasn’t talking about Tamra’s daugh-ter, she was talking about Tamra’s daugh-ter not talking to Tamra. Big difference. Andy reads a viewer question in which Tamra has made mean parenting comments about other housewives before, including Slade who totally deserved those comments, but wants to know, what’s the difference with what Kelly said? But, I can’t tell you. The women won’t stop fighting and talking over each on push versus hit topic. Andy has to say, “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,” until they finally stop. Plus, they bring up that Tamra has had past anger issues, too, but that was before Jesus took the wheel of her life.

RHOC Reunion Season 11 Recap

Kelly is no longer in anger management classes and would have “beaten the crap” out of Tamra. Andy asks why Kelly keeps engaging with strangers online in a mean way, like fat shaming them, which Kelly denies. However, Kelly says she considers Vicki to be the Buddha of the OC. Be careful, that could be construed as fat shaming with this group. In any event, Kelly says she’s learned her lesson and will not enrage and engage anymore. 

Tune in next week for the final installment of RHOC reunion show when the shit-stirring hits the fan over allegations of David “beating the shit” out of Shannon.


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