‘RHOC’ Season 11 Reunion Part Two: Shannon Beador & Vicki Gunvalson Go Head-to-Head on Abuse Allegations

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Tonight on part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County, things go from a simmer to a raging boil.

Last week, we saw Vicki Gunvalson playing defense as the women attacked her over the rumors about her castmates. You know the ones — the Tamra Judge’s husband, Eddie is gay and cheats on her, and that Shannon Beador’s husband beat the “shit out of her.”

As the reunion continues tonight, Shannon talks about her marriage vow renewal ceremony. But the memory turns ugly as she shrilly denies that David beat her. Physically distraught, she yells at Vicki for gossiping about her marriage. After Vicki states that she has proof of David’s abuse, Shannon storms off the set, crying and shaking while Tamra tries to calm her down.

Part two has Heather Dubrow going head-to-head with Kelly about her outbursts at group events. When Kelly talks about how she felt ganged up on in Ireland, especially on that bus ride to the hotel, Heather defends her own behavior by wagging her finger at Kelly. Heather feels that Kelly’s pattern of “rage and repeat” was the reason the women didn’t like her. Kelly reminds Heather that she demanded to have Kelly fired or else Heather wouldn’t film with her.

As Heather tries to speak, Kelly keeps interrupting. Finally, Papa Andy Cohen puts his foot down, and Kelly backs off. At that sushi dinner, Heather stomped out of the restaurant and ripped off her mic, demanding to speak to a producer. Doesn’t Bravo know Heather is better than this base behavior? Heather does admit that she had a “her or me” discussion, but she thinks the show should aim for something grander than castmates slinging the c-word at each other during dinner. Especially in the restaurant where Heather had the last supper with her brother-in-law before he passed away.

Briana, Vicki’s daughter, makes an appearance and gives us an update on her health issues. After yet another surgery, Briana has been diagnosed with Lupus.

Will the women will put aside their petty arguments and realize that life is precious after hearing this tragic news? Tune in for part two of the reunion and find out.


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