Melissa Gorga Says They ‘All Made a Promise to Move Forward in Peace’ After Brutal ‘RHONJ’ Reunion

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On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, part two of the reunion was as much of a shouting match as part one.

The women squawked over one another until you could barely understand what anyone was talking about. Teresa Giudici continued to throw accusations as Jacqueline Laurita, along with calling her “a disgusting, low, dirty bitch.” Yet Melissa Gorga, continued to stand by Teresa and pounced on Jacqueline, too, saying she didn’t “do liars.”

In her blog this week, Melissa explained why her estrangement from Teresa was so difficult. An argument with family is more serious than an argument with a friend. Even one as close as Jacqueline used to be.

“When you fight with family it affects so many other people, not just who you are in the argument with. I’m not saying I don’t get disappointed or upset when I argue with my friends, but there is a difference.”

The tides have turned on Jacqueline, and Melissa placed all the blame for their broken friendship on Jac’s shoulders. And though Melissa wanted to air more of her grievances, the reunions are so unpredictable, she didn’t get a chance to voice all of her opinions.

“The reunions are super frustrating for me. All we want to do is explain how we are feeling and tell our side of the story, but that doesn’t get to happen when everyone talks over each other.”

Melissa believed Jacqueline was trying to put a wedge between her relationship with Teresa. Melissa wasn’t going to let Jacqueline or anyone else get in the way of this family reunion. And though she claimed that she didn’t dump cousins-in-law, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, she doesn’t have much of a friendship with them anymore either.

“It’s unfortunate that I felt a lot of pressure from others to go against that promise, but I refuse to keep rehashing the past…”

Melissa has been determined to keep her fragile bond with Teresa. Apparently her declaration that she didn’t “do liars” excludes her convict sister-in-law.

“I agreed to forgive and move forward with Teresa. When I did that, it wasn’t only for me, it was for my husband, my children and my in-laws.”

So, what did you make of the reunion? Is Melissa right to side with the felonious Teresa or should she have stuck by Jacqueline, Kathy, and Rosie?


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