‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Genise Confronts Heavenly At Mariah’s New Beginnings Party

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Recap by guest blogger Lisa P. 

Married to Medicine season 4 episode 2

Tonight on Bravo, we are back for our weekly dose of Married to Medicine, aptly called “Forecast: Cloudy with 100% Chance of Shade.” It is episode 2 of season 4 so strap your legs into the metal pedals, and get your shade meters ready!

What is happening with the goddesses of health care this week? Well, Lisa Nicole is having her assistant pull sales report numbers. Dr. Jackie, the Gynecologist responsible for delivering Baby Ace Burress into the world, is meeting with Dr. Simone. Dr. Jackie wants the world to know that Dr. Simone works part-time and she works full-time! The two doctors are discussing striking a nerve with Quad over baby talk. Quad actually threatened to “rip her face off.” The ladies agree that Quad‘s biological clock is ticking louder than “Big Ben” and they will remind her that she doesn’t have forever to start a family.

Married to Medicine season 4 episode 2

Over at Lisa Nicole‘s house, she found an acting camp for her kids. It will teach them how to prepare for auditions. There is nothing worse than a “stage mom” but the kids seem to be pushing for it. Aunt Daisy is helping to care for her niece and nephew in several different ways. Aunt Daisy has already registered Lisa to volunteer at the kids’ swim meets and she’s making lunch. Lisa feels blessed to have such a big help in Aunt Daisy, who is a chef, babysitter, assistant, planner, chauffeur, but Lisa insists that she, alone, is raising her children. Whatever you say, Lisa. Thou doth protest too much. 


Quad is complaining about the mess in her home, caused by her brother, Quintin, and his family, who are living with her. She hates that her brother dropped out of school at a young age and didn’t make something of himself. She is talking about him like he’s a bum on the street! She wishes that he was more like her. Well, if that’s how you feel, enabling him is certainly not the answer, Miss Quad! It’s not helping your brother’s situation that he lives in your home and ransacks it at his leisure. Quad is taking shots at Quintin’s girlfriend. Quad gave her a quick cooking lesson in grilled chicken and tomato heirloom salad, ate, and left her to clean up the kitchen. I suppose it’s the least she can do since she lives there.

Genise is arriving at Toya‘s house. They are both from the Midwest and have “jiggly booties.” It’s always nice to see educated women with so many positive things in common! Genise is discussing Heavenly and the exchange between the two, when they first met. They didn’t even know each other for three seconds when Heavenly laid in with the personal questions. Heavenly can be polarizing. She asked Genise‘s husband why he had custody of his children from a previous marriage. Apparently, the man’s wife had passed away. To Heavenly‘s credit, she was not aware but that is even more reason for her to watch her mouth when she meets new people. They are flashing back to some of Heavenly‘s more adversarial moments, including the aforementioned. There was another question about whether Genise worked WITH her husband or FOR her husband, sparked by Heavenly. Toya is reminding Genise that these women are doctors and it’s a commonality for successful women to seem bossy. Toya doesn’t like to see Heavenly appearing to new people as a mean girl. 

Married to Medicine season 4 episode 2

Quad is meeting Simone for tea and her voice is raspy from yelling the night before. Simone cuts right to the chase about baby-making, cautioning Quad that getting pregnant is hard for women over the age of 40. She never meant to offend Quad the night before, but she wants her to take it seriously. Quad wants to be financially secure when she gets pregnant and is also worrying about her husband walking out on her and being left as a single Mother. Quad lets the advice go in one ear and out the other, as she does most of the time. Why is Quad even thinking along these lines? Is she having problems in her marriage? The man is obviously a saint if he allowed her grown brother, his girlfriend, and his kids to move into their home. I can’t imagine this imposition being okay with most men. Quad needs to make her own husband a priority and her brother needs to come up with a six-month plan to get out of their home.


Cut to Mariah! She is expecting Lisa Nicole to arrive at any time. Lisa and Mariah have a shared grudge with Toya and like the old saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Mariah has a cast on her leg from a roller-skating accident. Lisa reminisces about the women attacking Mariah in the Bahamas and she didn’t like it. She is making an effort to get to know Mariah better. Mariah is all for Lisa having another baby. The ladies are out on the deck chatting about Lisa and Toya being in an awkward space. Lisa didn’t appreciate her age being blurted out and thinks it’s ridiculous of Toya to think she shouldn’t have another baby because she uses a nanny. Many women have nannies. Lisa thinks Toya was out of line and Mariah agrees that Toya has no filter, but insists she means no harm. Mariah stayed impartial. She wants to bring all the women back into the fold because she misses spending time with them. She is going to make an effort, even though she is uncertain as to whether her efforts will be reciprocated. Lisa does not think a fresh start is possible with this crew. Mariah invites Lisa to her party and the ladies toast to new beginnings!

Married to Medicine season 4 episode 2

Across town, Quad and her husband are also in the bedroom. Everyone is in the bedroom this episode! Quad does not know if Mariah‘s invitation is sincere. But, the biggest question is which wig will she wear to Mariah‘s party. Quad is optimistically cautious. In regards to her family, she believes she can do it all, but she wants more emotional support from her husband. He explains that he is a very busy man and she needs to compromise. Quad feels that she is always compromising. The Doc always thought they would have a family of their own by now. Now that her brother and his kids are living in their home, she has other priorities. She didn’t really ask him how he felt about it. He vows to listen more, be sensitive to her needs, but he has selfish reasons. He wants to start a family, and soon! 

Married to Medicine season 4 episode 2

Over at Mariah‘s house, pre-party festivities are underway and the decorations are definitely bright, to say the least. Cut to Dr. Simone in her car driving to the hospital. She won’t be able to make the party. Heavenly and Toya are driving over to the party together. They are talking about Genise. Heavenly doesn’t recall any bad vibes between she and Genise, then quickly referred to her as an ‘insecure b*tch.’ Lisa Nicole is the first to arrive at Mariah‘s shindig, followed by Dr. Jackie. Next comes Toya, Heavenly and Quad. Lastly, Genise arrives and Mariah is excited to get to know her. The ladies look lovely in royal blue dresses. 

Mariah announces her reasons for the new-beginnings party. She loves these women and wants to forge a friendship with Genise. Quad thinks she sounds like a used-car salesman. Mariah is very happy that Toya is there because they went through the most together, including a knock-down fight. There is a request for Patrone by Toya, who then pulls it out of her purse. Genise cuts right into Heavenly about their first meeting. Genise felt the questions about custody of her step-kids were insulting and inappropriate. Genise reads her to filth! Heavenly does not take kindly to the criticism, hauls off and calls Genise a bitch! Who didn’t see that coming?

Married to Medicine season 4 episode 2

Genise stands up and retaliates. Both women accuse the other of being in the gutter. It didn’t take long for new beginnings to revert back to old endings. 

Married to Medicine season 4 episode 2_dr__heavenly_claps_back

Quad tells Heavenly that she is so direct when meeting new people that they don’t get to know the “heavenly” person that Heavenly is inside. Quad suggests that Heavenly apologize and she does, surprisingly! 


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