‘Sister Wives’ Shocker! Meri Brown Caught Supporting Charity To Help Women Escape Polygamy

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Rumors have been swirling around Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, ever since she tangled with an online catfish and lost.

Meri is leaving, Meri is staying — the rumors are coming and going as fast as the mags can gobble the bait.

What we do know is that the empty-nester has been taking steps to reinvent her reality, and Meri often shares her journey with her fans on social media. Meri has taken up running — but a race from way back in 2012, might surprise fans of the first/discarded wife of Kody Brown.

Meri ran a 5k back in September of 2012 — with the proceeds benefitting a surprising charity. Meri participated in the Salt Lake City 5k, benefitting ‘Holding Out HELP’ — a charity which helps women who have made the move to escape polygamy.


Meri shared her thoughts with the Salt Lake Tribune, in a piece dated September 22, 2012.  Her presence was a controversial one, considering the whole premise of her TLC show was/is to promote polygamy as a healthy “normal” lifestyle choice. The event took place two years before her legal split from Kody Brown.

Meri revealed that she joined the effort after communicating with the charity’s founder, Tonia Tewell.

“When she told me about it, I said, ‘I’m there,” Meri said.

Meri grew up in polygamy, chose polygamy, and promotes polygamy — but said that she also sympathized with those who make the decision to flee the lifestyle.

“Everyone goes through the process of deciding what they want, what’s right for them. I did as a teenager,” Meri said.

Meri pointed out that she did not participate in the race to protest any fundamentalist sect’s habits, claiming that her presence was simply about “choice.”

“I’m not going to stand in judgment against anyone,” Meri said. “Some people might think a situation is abusive that others don’t. To me it’s about choice. I’m all about supporting people’s freedom to live how they want to live.”

Meri shrugged off critics who questioned her unclear motives, and contradictory position.

“It’s weird. I’m still me,” she said. “I know people who support my being here. Everyone has an opinion. I guess you have to choose what you want to listen to.”

Holding Out HELP’s mission statement reads, “Holding Out HELP provides those who come from a polygamous culture the resources needed to transition from isolation to independence.”

So why would Mare have been compelled to stand with a charity which exists to help women escape a lifestyle she was/is popularizing on a reality TV show? The nonprofit’s youth program coordinator at the time, Nicole Nystrom, appeared to have the same question.

“We’ve had some mixed feelings. Some of our clients come from the same community she’s from,” Nystrom commented. 

It appears that Meri has been confused for years, and the divorce probably  amped an already conflicted mindset. So where does Meri truly stand in a post-catfish reality—will she stay or will she run?   

A new season of Sister Wives premieres November 27th.


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