Tommy Hilfiger Implies That Gigi Hadid is Overweight — Gigi Responds!

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Tommy Hilfiger Implies That Gigi Hadid is Overweight

Did Tommy Hilfiger throw shade and Gigi Hadid for her weight?

In an interview with Joe Zee of Yahoo! Style, Hilfiger wasn’t very complimentary of Gigi’s body. He implied the daughter of former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Hadid, was overweight and they had to cover her body at one of his runway shows. Sounds rude, but Gigi cleared up the controversy.

Tommy Hilfiger Implies That Gigi Hadid is Overweight

Here’s what happened, during the interview, Zee showed photos to Hilfiger of models and celebrities he’s worked with in the past and asked that he provide a one-word description. This is what Hilfiger said about Gigi.Gigi Hadi  “All-American girl next door with an exotic twist.”

First of all, that’s not one word, and if he had stopped there it would have been great. But he didn’t. Hilfiger went on to describe the situation at his Fall 2015 show.

“Our casting director said [about Gigi]: she doesn’t really fit, because she’s not quite as tall as the other girls; she’s not quite as thin. So, they put a red, white, and blue poncho on her, which covered a lot of her body.”

How rude! At first Gigi didn’t have anything to say about it, but then she told Pret-a-Reporter that Hilfiger’s comments had been “edited and taken out of context.”

“Tommy was rooting for me, and regardless of what the stylist of that season said or what he put me in, Tommy wanted me in the show…Tommy loved my curves,” Gigi said. “The next season, I wore a bikini on the same runway with the same stylist of the show that had previously put me in a poncho.”

When it comes to curves, Gigi Hadid doesn’t exactly pop into one’s head, but glad she’s comfortable in her skin and doesn’t seem to be offended by the comment. 


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