Blind Item: Cheating Reality Husband Paid Off His Mistress!

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

This reality wife’s marriage might look like perfection — but the wedded bliss came at a price.

Her husband was busted cheating with a co-worker, and the scandalous discovery was met by a scheme to cover the dirty deed.

The wife has an image to protect, so her cheating husband cracked open his wallet to pay for his mistake. The woman was paid off, and sent away — pocketing a tidy six figures for her trouble.

The couple resumed their fanciful life of luxury — selling their united front. The duo bandaged the scar on their marriage — and few know about the plot to cover the truth. A side reality player spilled the scalding tea — but a threatened network was bullied into silence. The tawdry secret taints the couple’s story, but a pristine facade remains in tact for these reality champs. 

Name the reality show and reality couple.

Reality Show:

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