UPDATED: Explosive ‘RHOC’ Fight That Nearly Made Heather Dubrow Quit During Season 11 Filming

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The 'RHOC' Fight That Nearly Made Heather Dubrow Quit During Filming

Did you know that Heather Dubrow nearly quit The Real Housewives of Orange County?

For those of you saying, “I wish!” here’s what went down. Season 11 has been quite contentious between most of the ladies, but the night at the sushi restaurant to celebrate Meghan Edmond’s last night of drinking, had Heather on the ledge vowing to jump.

According to E News, in part two of the RHOC reunion show, Andy Cohen rehashes the “C U next Tuesday comment” made by newbie housewife Kelly Dodd. Turns out, the producer cut out part of what really wend down, and that was, Heather removing her microphone and saying, she’s effing done with the show.

“Where’s Thomas?” Heather refers to a producer as she walks off. “Are you f–king kidding me? I am done. This is disgusting. I will not be a part of this, absolutely not!”

Back on the couch, Heather attempts to explain what was going through her mind at the time, but Kelly won’t stop interrupting. Andy has to tell Kelly to shut the eff up.

“We’re sitting in a private room at a Japanese room that has paper-thin walls. Everyone can hear you,” Heather finally continues. “That the last time I was at this restaurant was the last time that I saw my brother-in-law alive. So, to go in to this restaurant where I have very bad memories and then be involved in a situation that I can’t believe I’m sitting at a table with someone that is screaming ‘see you next Tuesday’ at the top of her lungs—Whether you think my reaction was overboard or not, I’m telling you, this was my visceral reaction. I was horrified. I took off my microphone. I did not want to be involved. And it was not about saying, ‘I’m better than you.’ It was like, ‘We’re better than this. Our show is better than this. And I don’t want to be associated with this.'”

Could somebody bring Heather a very tall ladder so she can climb down from her very high horse? Kelly’s points out she’s not the first housewife to ever cuss on the “better than this” show.

“OK. Alright,” Kelly says. “You’ve never been around her [pointing at Tamra Judge] that cusses all the time. Her [pointing at Shannon Beador] that cusses all the time.”

“Not like that,” Heather shoots back.

Then Andy tells Kelly, “But you can’t stand behind your behavior at that sushi restaurant.”

If you want to hear Kelly’s response you’ll have to tune in to The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show part two on Monday, Nov 14 at 8/7c on Bravo. I’m sure Kelly’s answer will be classic!

UPDATE: Watch the explosive behind the scenes video below.


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