Shannon Beador Taunts Kelly Dodd Over Andy Cohen’s ‘Polarizing’ Compliment — Twitter Responds!

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On The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Kelly Dodd made it through her first reunion and lived to tell about it.

During the reunion, Andy Cohen paid Kelly a lovely compliment. Or did he?

Andy noted that Kelly was one of the most polarizing Housewives ever. She thanked him, taking it as a nod of approval. But some viewers questioned it.

“sandigel12: Funny how you thanked Andy for saying you were polarizing like he was paying you a compliment.????????????.”

“rhoc_kellyddodd: @sandigel12 I think it is compliment!! It means people either like me or hate me and that’s what you want for reality tv!”

Shannon Beador took to Twitter and made her feelings about the subject known. Naturally, she thought Kelly was a horrible addition to RHOC. And after the season has finished wrapping up, her opinion hasn’t changed.

But some fans disagreed, pointing out that polarizing figures are reality TV gold.

For some fans, Kelly’s presence kept RHOC interesting. After all, the most divisive stars keep fans talking—and coming back for more.

It seems Kelly has been good for ratings this season. And more vocal viewers are looking forward to her return next season.

Love her or hater her, Kelly has been a lightning rod. Otherwise, we’d have had to endure more of Meghan Edmonds’ IVF journey.

Though Kelly is uncertain whether she’ll sign on for another season, she’s had a mostly positive experience. She thanked her fans for all the love she received on social media.

“rhoc_kellyddodd: @iroquoisprincess so sweet!! Everyone has been so nice and encouraging.. I’m lucky to have nice sweet fans that understand me!???? ️️️️you all????????”

So, what’s your opinion? Is being a polarizing figure a good thing? And do you want Kelly back for another season?


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