‘Little Women: LA’ Recap: Matt’s Sexting Scandal Is Rehashed At Season 5 Reunion

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'Little Women: LA' Recap: Matt's Sexting Scandal Is Rehashed At Season 5 Reunion

Let’s go! It’s reunion time with the Little Women: LA. Kevin Frazier is our patient and intuitive host, ready to take on this ratchetness. First things first, what’ up with Elena’s wig? Is it blue? Is it green? It’s a blue-green mess, that’s what it is! Next, Kevin jumps right into Matt’s cheating scandal and a flashback is shown of his nasty ways. Does Briana trust him? She says now she does because they’ve grown and Matt is no longer making mistakes poor choices. Umm, Matt, what’s the difference? You screwed up. Kevin asks Matt if he’s stopped sexting other people, and according to Matt, he has.

When Kevin asks the ladies if any of them believes this, not one speaks up in Matt’s defense. Tonya says, Heffa, that ain’t true. Matt is bored because this was so eight months ago when he wanted to be with both a man and woman in one person. He’s over that. Kevin asks how Plastic came to be in the group. Turns out, Briana ex publicist brought Plastic to Christy’s third wedding anniversary where she met Matt. Christy explains that Plastic told her Matt was sexting inappropriate photos to her because Plastic didn’t want to tell a pregnant Briana. Kevin says, enough of this he/she said/she said, let’s bring out Plastic.

In walks Plastic and out walks Matt and Briana because they have more positive things to focus on. Really, loser? Plastic politely explains that she really wanted to be friends back then because Briana seemed so desperate to climb that social ladder. Plastic says that Matt sent inappropriate pictures to her and she didn’t ask for them. Kevin says outside of Anthony Weiner, no one is sexting more than Matt. Ba-dum-tisk.

Then the conversation turns shady as Plastic and Tonya start going at it about who wants to be a bitch and Tonya is accused of prank calling Plastic. Plastic recorded the conversation, but unfortunately didn’t bring it to the reunion show, of all the rotten luck. The point Tonya is trying to make is that Christy shouldn’t have brought Plastic to the photoshoot. Other than that, Tonya says she has no problem with Plastic.

After Plastic leaves, Briana returns, but Matt has decided to leave. CELEBRATE! Kevin tells Briana that her family thinks Matt is isolating and controlling her. He asks if she understands her family’s concern, and Briana refuses to comment about that. (Probably because Mutt told her not to.) Elena tells Briana she has brought this up so many times and made it her storyline, why not. Briana believes her folks, when asked by the media, should give the cursory, “No comment.” Briana says that her relationship with her parents took a nosedive when she started dating Matt – because of his criminal history and not being a LP. Christy regrets talking to Briana’s family and telling them about Plastic. The others agree that Christy effed it up.

Next we return to glassgate. Ugh! Kevin brings out Joe and Todd so they can weigh in. Joe says that Christy and Terra need to stay away from each other due to two words: police report. Todd agrees the women don’t need to be together (except to film for a paycheck). Joe gets snappy and Todd says Joe admitted to being high as a kite backstage. Joe claps and says the Todd-ler fell into his trap. Christy admits that she regrets filing the police report and tried to get them to drop it. Really, she did. Really. She probably tried all of two minutes. Kevin asks Christy for permission to look at the medical report. She consents and the report says Christy had a “three centimeter contusion” but no further treatment was required.

Elena starts yelling over everyone that Christy has apologized “so many thousand times” and feels she should be forgiven. Terra makes the point that the “deadly weapon” aka “the glass” investigation was stopped by the DA and not Christy because she’s stupid. Christy walks off the set to get a tissue. Kevin asks where the women go from here. Christy says the past is gross and wants to move forward. Terra also wants to move forward. PLEASE move forward, said everyone in America.

When we return from the commercial break, Kevin says they are bringing Matt back out. I guess he came back, aren’t we lucky. (Not) It’s time to discuss the crash-and-burn friendship between Christy and Briana, which Matt is in full support of. The flashback they show ends with Briana saying, “I hate that bitch,” about Christy. Briana explains that if Christy had been conveying about her health to her family, it would be one thing, but it was a totally different matter when Christy mentioned Plastic and the whole sexting stuff. Now Matt is getting death threats. Oh, the horror! Kevin asks Matt why he wouldn’t let any of the ladies visit Briana in the hospital. Matt’s answer makes no sense so Briana says she was the one who wanted the women to stay away.

Next, Kevin asks Todd if the fight on the boat went too far when Christy called Briana “autistic.” Todd says yes in his beat-down kind of way. Christy tries to justify it by saying she was accused of relapsing, and was told by Briana’s sister that Briana is autistic, so that makes it all better. Kevin reprimands Christy for being inappropriate and offensive and makes her writes it 100 times on a chalkboard. Christy whines that everyone’s a big meanie for calling her Crusty the pill-popping clown. For the record, Christy does regret calling Briana autistic, and when Matt tries to make a holier-than-thou statement, Christy points out that he called them all “Oomps.” Kevin tells all of them at the end of the day, name calling makes them look ignorant and they can do better. Jasmine wants to know what show Kevin’s been watching, because obviously it’s not LWLA.

When asked about her prior addiction, Christy says she’s been sober since 2010 and struggled with alcohol, not pills. Kevin asks what could explain her weird behavior and Christy says it was a tough year of health problems for her dad and daughter, and friends not being there. Kevin asks Christy to answer the question once and for all, has she relapsed? Instead of answering, Christy gets up and walks off the set for a second time.

Tune in next week when Christy answers the question and her two friends from the casino joins the reunion.


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